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Simon Lynge Signs to London-based Lo- Max Records Ltd

l-r: Jolene Pellant (manager), Mike Gormley (manager), Allison McGourty (Lo-Max Records), Simon Lynge, Matt Forger (producer), Bernard McMahon (Lo- Max Records).

He's got it. Simon Lynge. Solid songs, captivating performance and what producer Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney) calls: Emotiveness. We are pleased to report that few weeks ago prolific writer and recording artist, Simon Lynge (studioexpresso gave his album, A Beautiful Way To Down a big thumbs up) came to Los Angeles to meet reps from London's Lo-Max Records and was signed to a deal in Hollywood. "When I listened to this album (A Beautiful Way To Drown) the second time, I had just lost a close friend...it communicated differently to me than when I heard it back in March. I became a huge fan of Simon then, but this time, the songs touched me deeply. It's really a lovely and timeless oeuvre. My congratulations to Matt, Simon, Jolene and Lo-Max. Here's to a beautiful way to up! Matt you know how to find gems and Simon is as good as it gets" says studioexpresso's Claris Dodge. Watch Simon sing
" A Beautiful Way To Drown" from the album on YouTube and decide for yourself.
"A Beautiful Way To Drown" by Simon Lynge will be released in October in the UK and later worldwide. "This fall I will be touring Europe beginning in Copenhagen end of August at the Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival - and the way it looks now I'll be in Australia and Asia next spring can't wait to get busy touring and eventually make more albums for Lo-Max Records," says Simon. Lo-Max Records is home of Australian legends The Go-Betweens (and front-man Robert Forster's brilliant "The Evangelist"), New York rockers The Wrens and British psychedelic pioneer Kevin Ayers.


In The Studio with Joe Chiccarelli

The Recording Academy Texas Chapter and the Producers & Engineers Wing presented "In the Studio" with three-time GRAMMY-winning engineer Joe Chiccarelli at Luminous Sound in Dallas, Texas, on June 27. Chiccarelli discussed his work through the years with various artists such as Caf Tacuba, the Raconteurs, and the White Stripes. The Q&A was moderated by Todd Pipes, producer/engineer and band member of Deep Blue Something.



In The Studio with Terry Sawchuk

Terry Sawchuk with Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios

Producer, writer, mixer Terry Sawchuk who now resides in Nashville via Canada is signed to Sony ATV and has set up shop at Blackbird Studio's B room. "I bounce back & forth from the API legacy to the 9k and love the vibe and staff. John McBride has welcomed me with open arms". Sawchuk who comes to LA often calls Shangri-la Studios in Malibu his west coast home. His collaborator Gary Miller is now over seeing the legendary studio's day to day. Sawchuk produced Universal Canada artist Matt Dusk' 2nd album in LA 3 years ago. The album featured a 56 piece big band with Al Schmitt engineering. It was an experience Sawchuk will never forget. "Al is the greatest and I am so humbled to have worked so closely with him".


What the Doctor Ordered: 2 for 1 Session at Priarie Sun

Sun's Mooka Rennick is offering two days in a Prairie Sun studio for the price of one - $750, all in - definitely a killer deal. I know what you're thinking: "Hey, that is a great deal - my band can afford that." But before you're gonna sign on the dotted line, you're also wondering - is it worth it? If you're working on an EP or a full-length, you know it's going to take a lot more than 2 days, and you might not get to do all those other days at Prairie Sun. The question for you, the prudent recording musician, is what can two days at Prairie Sun do for your mostly home-recorded project? Here's few ways you could use two days to kick your project up to the next level. Consider tracking drums (using a live chamber) or Keys (on Baldwin 9ft grand, our real Hammond B3 with Leslie, and Fender Rhodes) Guitars (we all know about 57s on guitar amps - but wait until you've heard a 57 through a Neve or API pre!) or mixing (find out what multiple speaker systems and multiple feet of bass-trapping in the walls can do for sculpting your songs). "Drums are the redheaded stepchildren of the home studio world. Drums are like wild horses or Dixie Chicks - they need wide open spaces. You can find some of those at Prairie Sun, along with the mics and analog gear that have made for good drum tracks for the last 30 years," says the generous studio owner, Rennick. The summer special is in no way limited to locally-based artists. If you're from the Bay Area or beyond and want to take advantage of this offer, please call the studio and ask about the availability of affordable on-site guest lodging. Mention studioexpresso and the espresso is on us!

Ron Artest
My World
Tru Warier

Ron Artest's shoe size is 16. L.A.'s newest Laker was a math major at St John University (on a basketball scholarship), and went on to sign a 34 mill dollar contract last month w/ Lakers. His motto: Making something out of nothing. "Things never came easy for me. From an NBA contract to major distribution for my label Tru Warier Records, I've had to work hard for everything I've accomplished," says Artest who grew up in Queensbridge, playing basketball and listening to Michael Jackson records. "Don't expect my album to sound like anyone else's. My style of rapping is exactly like the way I play ball, versatile and unorthodox," says Artest who is quick to credit God, wife Kimsha and his four children. Also be on the lookout for his autobiography with HipHopGame.com


AES Oral History Project

AES Executive Director Roger Furness has announced the completion of the second volume of Audio Engineering Society DVD Oral History Project interviews. Conceived in 1997 by long-time AES member Irv Joel, the project was initiated as a critical opportunity for preserving the creative and technical thought process of the originators of professional audio as related by them personally. In 2007, Irv Joel brought Pro Audio Industry veteran Harry Hirsch on board to glean through a voluminous amount of video, photographic and related material, carefully organized by Technical Director John Chester in preparation for the transfer to individual DVDs. Working with Final Cut Pro, Hirsch, devoted hundreds of hours to the massive editorial project. Among the innovators featured in the new set of twenty DVDs are: Bruce Martin: (1944-2004) Founder, Martin Audio; Bill Hanley: The "father of festival sound," recipient of nineteen Primetime Emmy Awards Ed Green, David Hewitt (Neil Young, Yes, ELP), Frank Abbey, Les Paul, John Meyer and Frank Laiko, to name a few. The entire (current) series of forty compelling AES Oral History Project DVDs is available now at www.aes.org $15.00 each for AES members, $20.00 for non-members.

Vampire Sessions At Avatar

l-r: Kirk Imamura (Avatar), Sadao Watanabe, James Farber (engineer), Tino Passante (Avatar) in Studio C."

Vampire Weekend mixed in Big Apple's Avatar Studio E with producer Rostam Batmangli and engineer / mixer Justin Gerrish. Sadao Watanabe recorded in Studio C. The session was produced by Sadao Watanabe with engineer James Farber assisted by Bob Mallory


TCs Spell Cost-Effective Studio Monitors
Transaudio Group Launches the SCM11s to Meet Market Demand

The brainchild of ATC engineer Ben Lilly, Constrained Layer Damping was first introduced in the ATC SCM16A self-powered monitor. Previously, the only way to achieve an extended on-axis frequency response was to use a stiffer driver cone, but the unavoidable tradeoff was a poor off-axis frequency response and a colored sound due to multiple resonances.
Traditional designs damp the cone's motion to reduce these unwanted effects, but the result is a dramatically less efficient loudspeaker. Lilly's innovation was to sandwich a constrained damping layer between two lightweight driver cones. The shear generated when the cone flexes results in less acoustic distortion by instead dissipating unwanted vibration energy as frictional heat. CLD reduces third-harmonic distortion by 10 - 15 dB between 100 Hz and 3 kHz, resulting in a better sounding loudspeaker that requires much less power to generate a given SPL.

"ATC's low distortion technology really works but it's pricey. This new CLD technology means that small affordable versions of the high-end speakers are now possible. The SCM11 is ATC's most reasonably-priced loudspeaker to date, and we're excited to be able to offer this kind of clarity at $1,440 a pair," says Brad Lunde, president, TransAudio Group, Inc.

TransAudio Group has announced the immediate availability of ATC's
most reasonably-priced reference monitor - the SCM11 two-way passive speaker. The new monitor incorporates ATC's innovative Constrained
Layer Damping (CLD) technology, which reduces third-harmonic distortion between 100 Hz and 3 kHz, resulting in an extended, resonance-free axial frequency response, improved off-axis frequency response, and a significant increase in loudspeaker power response.

The new CLD technology is incorporated in the 5.9 inches (150 mm) mid/low frequency driver with 1.77 inches (45 mm) integral soft dome. The driver features a precision undercut bass pole, in-house, hand-wound precision flat wire coil, and a massive optimized motor assembly. The driver is paired with a new soft dome 0.98 inches (25 mm) neodymium high-frequency unit featuring a precision alloy ATC waveguide.

The frequency response of the SCM11 is 56 Hz - 22 kHz (-6 dB), with a sensitivity of 85 dB (1W @ 1 meter) and a maximum SPL of 108 dB. The recommended power amplifier rating is 50 to 300 Watts.

Finished in black ash, the cabinet dimensions are 14.96 inches (380 mm) (H) by 8.3 inches (211 mm) (W) by 9.84 inches (250 mm) (D). Each unit weighs18.7 lbs. (8.5 kg).

Read the studioexpresso review March 09

Simon Lynge
A Beautiful Way To Drown
Matt Forger, Producer

Congrats Simon...A beautiful Way to Up!










Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing Sr. Executive Director Maureen Droney, three-time GRAMMY-winning engineer Joe Chiccarelli and Recording Academy Texas Chapter Executive Director Theresa Jenkins. Photo Courtesy of The Recording Academy / Wireimage.com 2009. Photographer: Peter Larsen.



Effective this week Sawchuk has been given his own imprint venture with Coalition/Warner Canada to produce 1-2 country artist per year. He is currently looking for their first signing. Requirements are they must be Canadian, teens to mid twenties, solo or group in the style of Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban.

"This will be all A+ writers & players done at Blackbird Studios," says Sawchuk.. Please feel free to email or send mp3's of any promising artist to studioexpresso c/o Terry Sawchuk
















When mixing engineer and record producer Erwin Musper (left) built The Bamboo Room Studio in his home, he seized the opportunity to upgrade some of the equipment he'd grown accustomed to using in other studios. This included the addition of an Aviom A-16II Personal Mixing system as part of his cue setup. Musper recently called upon his Aviom system during production of the most recent CD for Dutch alternative rock band The [New] Shining with excellent results. The [New] Shining's album, entitled Leap of Faith, is set to be released in the fall of 2009.






3OH!3 recorded in Studio A for iTunes Originals. Produced by Kim Monroe Bass with engineer Mike Butler assisted by Justin Gerrish

Joshua Bell and guests recorded in Studio A with producer Steven Epstein, engineer Richard King assisted by Fernando Lodeiro

Dee Dee Bridgewater recorded in Studio A. The session was produced by Dee Dee Bridgewater with engineer Al Schmitt assisted by Justin Gerrish



For more information on ATC Loudspeakers, phone (702) 307-2700 or email Brad Lunde More info at www.transaudiogroup.com

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA),ATC Loudspeakers (UK), Bock Audio (USA), Geoffrey Daking & Co. (USA) Drawmer (UK), George Massenburg Labs (GML USA), SABRA SOM (Brazil), SoundField Microphones (UK), Tonelux, True Systems, Tube-Tech . LasVegasProAudio.com is a division of TransAudio Group, is the launch pad for the brands of tomorrow. The goal of LasVegasProAudio.com is to provide unique equipment, useful information and long-term support to their clients.
LVPA product line includes: Accusound Cable, Economy 50mm Shockmount,
Enhanced Audio (Ireland), PAULY Superscreens (Germany)Sonodore Microphones (Holland)

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Drum Doctor

world's finest collection of drums & cures for common drum ailments








Bock Perfection At Stengaard's RealSongs Studio

Producer/songwriter, Peter Stengaard (Pussycat Dolls, Diane Warren), has purchased the new Bock Audio 5-ZERO-7 vocal microphone for his well-appointed L.A. home studio.

Peter Stengaard (Pussycat Dolls, Donna Summer and JC Chasez), producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Denmark, now based in Los Angeles, has purchased a Bock Audio 5-ZERO-7 vocal microphone through exclusive U.S. distributor TransAudio Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stengaard regularly works with one of the industry's leading songwriters, Diane Warren, at her RealSongs production facility in Hollywood.

As Stengaard relates, he had a relatively simple reason for purchasing the Bock Audio microphone. "I record a lot of vocals and I needed an excellent vocal mic," he says. "As I do a lot of work with various top artists, the vocals are always the most important part of the production."

The 5-ZERO-7 won out over several other top large diaphragm condenser vocal microphones, he says. "They're all great microphones. You can't mess up with any of them - or at least, it's not the microphone's fault if you do!" But he was shocked, he admits, to discover that the 5-ZERO-7 outperformed some very high-end vocal microphones. "So I had to get it," he says, noting that the price was about the same as many of those mics.

"My problem was that I wanted a U 47-type mic, but on guys that don't have super well-rounded voices it tends to sound a little nasally," he explains.
"I wanted something with a little more of an open sound, especially in the mid-range. Some mics sound a little scooped." For example, he explains, "There's not much bite in the midrange with a C 12-type microphone. What I really like about the Bock microphone is that the midrange boost is a little bit less than the 47 and not so nasally, but there's a boost in a very pleasant area, plus a very nice top end and a very firm bottom end. It sounds huge and natural, while still having lots of character"

He has already used the Bock 5-ZERO-7 on productions for some artists he is working with including, Kerli (Island Def Jam), The Benefits (which includes his brother, Thomas, and is signed to Warner in Europe), and Jessi Malay, he reports. Stengaard, who studied for four years at the Royal Academy of Contemporary Music in Denmark then working in London before relocating to Los Angeles about five years ago, works out of his own well-appointed home studio. He can also frequently be found producing and recording full backing tracks for prolific songwriter Diane Warren at her facility. It's not unusual for those productions, on which Stengaard for the most part plays and programs all the instruments, to become the final productions for releases by artists such as Jojo, Ashanti and Lindsey Lohan.

The performance of the Bock 5-ZERO-7 lends itself to applications other than vocals, he also explains. "I usually use the same microphone on acoustic guitar. It sounds fantastic!"

ATC Speakers (another TransAudio Group distributed product) has also found favor with Stengaard. "I have a pair of ATC SCM20ASL Pro reference monitors as well,"
he says. "They're excellent speakers. I got them because they are so revealing and amazingly precise." His room at Warren's RealSongs facility also houses a pair of ATC SCM100ASL Pro monitors. "I don't have space for those at home," he laughs. "Plus I have neighbors; not in near proximity, but I have to be a little conscious of sound level. But just getting anything with ATC's name on is great."

For Bock Audio or ATC Loudspeakers speakers email Brad Lunde or Phone (702) 307-2700 or visit www.transaudiogroup.com

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA),ATC Loudspeakers (UK), Bock Audio (USA), Geoffrey Daking & Co. (USA) Drawmer (UK), George Massenburg Labs (GML USA), SABRA SOM (Brazil), SoundField Microphones (UK), Tonelux, True Systems, Tube-Tech
LasVegasProAudio.com, LasVegasProAudio.com, a division of TransAudio Group, is the launch pad for the brands of tomorrow. The goal of LasVegasProAudio.com is to provide unique equipment, useful information and long-term support to their clients.LVPA product line includes: Accusound Cable, Economy 50mm Shockmount,
Enhanced Audio (Ireland), PAULY Superscreens (Germany)Sonodore Microphones (Holland)


SSL Duality Gets Around - Texas to Vegas!

Since opening its doors earlier this year, the Solid State Logic Duality room (Studio A) at Odds On Records & Studios has been busy with a multitude of high-profile projects. Current projects include the recording of a complete string section with the Las Vegas Philharmonic for legendary soft rock duo Air Supply for its latest album, recording several tracks for the upcoming club/pop group Ultraviolet Sound, a duet project with legendary jazz vocalist ‘Little’ Jimmy Scott, mixing for the grassroots Cali-reggae band Rebelution and recording with pop/R&B singer-songwriter Paula DeAnda.






Digital Services Recording Studio, located in Tomball Texas, enjoys a long history of providing a professional recording environment to top artists as varied as The Rolling Stones, Barbra Streisand, the Houston Symphony, Destiny’s Child and Chamillionaire, to name a few. The studio recently replaced their aging hit maker SSL 6000 series console with a new 48-channel Duality console. "The first session on the Duality was with the Grammy Award winning artist Chamillionaire and the sound was fantastic," says Charles Ray, who acquired Digital Services Recording Studio in 2007.

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Watch Video Interviews with Top producers from Legendary Studios
studioexpresso in alliance with Record Production & Babblefish is pleased to bring you these interviews. Watch the video interviews by clicking on the producer names below.
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Matt Wallace Interviewed At his Delux Studios in LA for Record Production
L-R: Producer Matt Wallace,
studioexpresso's Claris Dodge
Photo: Johnny Jaskot

Ken Allardyce - Sarm West, UK
Lenise Bent - Village Studios. LA, CA
Niko Bolas - Watersound Studios, Studio CIty, CA
Pete Byrne - Glenwood Place, CA
Andre Fischer - Village Studios, Los Angels, CA
Chris Fogel
- Fig, Glendale, CA
Brad Gilderman - Little Big Room, Burbank, CA
Greg Ladanyi - Maple Jam Productions, Studio City, CA
Joseph Magee - O'Henry Studios, Burbank, CA
Scott Mathews - Tiki Town Studios
Oscar Paul - Roundhouse Studios, London
Greg Penny - Sphere Studios, London
Steve Parr - Hear No Evil Studios
Michael C Ross - Royaltone Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Rafa Sardina - Abbey Road, UK
Elliot Scheiner - Presense studios, CT NEW!
Al Schmitt Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA
Toby Scott -- coming soon!
Robert Shahnazarian Jr.
-- Sony Music Studios, Santa Monica
Tolbert & Sutton - Studio Atlantis, Hollywood, CA
Matt Wallace - Delux Studios, Van Nuys, CA
John Wooler - Village Studios, Los Angels, CA

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Expresso Walk And Talk... .

In The Studio With Michael Jackson
By Bruce Swedien
With Forewords By Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton

Five-time Grammy award winning engineer Bruce Swedien’s long-awaited In The Studio With Michael Jackson (left - from Amazon) has just been published by Hal Leonard Books. "Though the book was in production for many years we did not anticipate its release coinciding with the events of the last few weeks," says the publisher. Swedien and producer Quincy Jones are the creative partners and architects of Jackson’s sound. The book is part anecdotal memoir, part technical reference, and paints a vivid portrayal of Michael Jackson as an artist. Swedien's memoir Make Mine Music was published by Hal Leonard earlier this year. Swedien provides the perspective that only an insider can, sharing recollections from personal experience of what it was like to ride shotgun alongside one of music’s most celebrated icons. In The Studio With Michael Jackson includes over 100 photos—many of them candid and intimate shots of Jackson at work in the studio—as well as numerous other artists and collaborators that worked on these amazing records. Additionally there are scores of Jackson’s handwritten notes and other never-before-seen ephemera pictured throughout.

Webcasters Agree to Pay. Earlier in July it was reported that labels, SoundExchange and "pureplay" webcasters (those whose sole business activity is streaming music online) reached an agreement on royalty rates. The agreement covers 2006-2015 and includes a "discount" from the rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board for large webcasters. The agreement divides pureplay webcasters into "large," "small" and "those with bundled, syndicated or subscription services." Large webcasters (those with over $1.25 million in revenues annually) pay a per-performance rate that is minimally $25,000/year. Small webcasters (any with less than $1.25 million in annual revenues) pay a percentage of total revenues or a percentage of total expenses. Those falling into the third category pay the same rates previously agreed upon between SoundExchange and the NAB. That rate will increase until reaching 0.14 cent in 2015. "This is good for music," said Dennis Wharton, the executive vice president of the National Association of Broadcasters. "It sets a rate where artists will receive royalities for the music they produce." Wharton said although these "pureplay" webcasts are popular, he doesn't see this decision affecting local radio stations. He said the 235,000,000 people who listen to the radio every day will probably stick with it. "It's hard to beat a free and local option," he said. Pandora, the poster child for the idea that the new rate could kill businesses, is pretty pleased even though founder Tim Westergren says the rates are “quite high” and that the free service’s top listeners face limits. Pandora creates personal radio stations for users built around what it knows about their tastes. The agreement calls for large ad-supported radio services, such as Pandora, to either share 25 percent of revenue with the music industry or pay a per-stream rate of 0.08 cent retroactive to 2006, whichever is greater. That rate will increase until reaching 0.14 cent in 2015. Lower rates were vital to the survival of Internet radio stations, Tim Westergren (photo above), Pandora's founder, said in September. The Copyright Royalty Board set a performance rate at 0.19 cent but Webcasters argued that the rates would drive them out of business. Paul Krasinski, chief executive of Ando Media, which provides audience measurement and online advertising services to several of the companies affected by the agreement, said it could herald "dramatic" audience growth. "With that comes the ability for advertisers to access that audience, and the long tail of [niche] broadcasting becomes a reality," he added.

Leslie Ann Jones, President of the Board of Directors of the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) recently announced the appointment of Paul A. Christensen as Executive Director of the Association. Mr. Christensen served as a Director of SPARS from 1989 to 2000 in various capacities, including President from 1997-1999, SPARS 20th Anniversary. He is President of Omega Productions, www.omegalive.com, a 36 year old award winning Entertainment Production Company specializing in live concert DVD, HD and CD recordings. A new, enlarged web site, www.spars.com, has been built to encourage networking, community, education, as well as free lance opportunities. studioexpresso is pleased to be associated with Spars.

Joe D'Ambrosio is a 27-year veteran of the Sports and Entertainment industries who heads his own talent management/events production company. Previously, Joe was involved in various productions including Lucent Technologies' worldwide showcase event in Geneva, Switzerland featuring Ms. Natalie Cole and Sir John Barry with the Suisse Romande Orchestra, Depeche Mode: 101 worldwide film premiere in Los Angeles, radio promotions with BBC One, the grand opening of Psycher, Tokyo's largest nightclub, starring Soul II Soul and Grace Jones, as well as impromptu live club performances featuring Brian Wilson, Prince, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley and Sting at the legendary China Club. More recently JD has added to his impressive roster: Grammy-winning Mixer Joe Zook (OneRepublic, Modest Mouse, Katy Perry), Grammy-winning arranger Larry Gold (Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige), Producer/Writer/Mixer Dru Castro (India.Arie, Musiq Soulchid, K'Jon), Producer/Mixer Thom Monahan (Little Joy, Vetiver, Devendra Banhart, Au Revoir Simone) and Producer/Writer Marc Jordan (The Cult, Velvet Revolver, Rock Kills Kid).

studioexpresso caught up with Joe this month with a brief interveiw.

SE: How have client(s) --label, artist mgr, etc-- changed over the years?
JD: Clients have demanded more, labels have paid less, artist managers have pushed for better deals and the economy is kicking everyone's backside. I remain upbeat, hopeful and positive toward success in the future. Every day, on the drive in to work or the train into NYC, I think how we can do things more efficiently, more economically, smarter and realize that you can't have it quick, cheap and good. Pick two of three as they say. I rep great talent and they need to earn a certain wage and spend a certain amount of time to get things exactly the right way. When Mick Guzauski mixes something, he's not rushing. When you ask Larry Gold to arrange something (listen to Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" single), he's not rushing.

SE: What was your big 1st break in the industry?
JD: Phil Ramone. I owe it all to Phil. We met when I was working in publicity at the New York Yankees and became fast friends. We both love music and sports. It's the great connection, really. It's where I met Jimmy Buffet, Meatloaf, Billy Joel, Paul Simon and so many others. But Phil gave me a chance. I owe him everything.

SE: What’s the hottest news of this year for music and how does that help/hinder what you do?
JD: The hottest news of the year for me is foreign business. We do quite a bit with Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Canada.

SE: What new trends, if any, can you report from your daily negotiation or contractual work for your clients. What would you like to see in client Agreements?
JD: Trends are everyone asking for a better deal. And don't be fooled: most good managers are making those deals. I have always felt you do not leave money on the table but today that first 'ask' is much less than a traditional negotiation, so be ready to make a good deal. We still pass on certain things but we have become much smarter in how we do business. As for 360 deals, I have gotten some producers and mixers a piece of publishing and other incentives, but I've yet to see them pay off. They will, just not yet.

United Breaks Guitars! United Airlines passenger Dave Carroll had his Taylor guitar destroyed by the airline's baggage handlers during a flight last year. After United repeatedly declined to reimburse him for the damage, he wrote a now-famous song decrying their customer service and their brand. It was funny, justified and smart. The damage to United's brand was undeniable. But perhaps the craziest claim to come surface during the the entire United Breaks Guitars episode comes from Chris Ayres of The Times Online in the U.K. In a column earlier this week, Ayres claimed the Carroll mishap actually cost United $180 million, or 10 percent of its market cap: "..within four days of the song going online, the gathering thunderclouds of bad PR caused United Airlines' stock price to suffer a mid-flight stall, and it plunged by 10 per cent, costing shareholders $180 million. Which, incidentally, would have bought Carroll more than 51,000 replacement guitars." 4,084,746 views on Youtube!
After the video went up, United gave $3,000 to charity at Carroll's request (It chose a music institute.) The ariline, which is using the video to train service reps, says it had declined to pay Carroll because he didn't report the damage within 24 hours. Now, it says, it will "do a better job" of figuring out when to bend the rule!
Carroll is working on song #2!

Fender For Sale Lap steel guitars were the first instruments produced by the company founded by Leo Fender and Doc Kauffman in 1945. Following Kauffman’s departure in 1946, the company, K&F, was renamed Fender Electric Instrument Co. The Champion/Student model was introduced in late 1949. Unlike the company’s higher-end lap steels, which had stained wooden bodies, the Champion’s was covered in pearloid. A year later, Fender made history with the introduction of the electric solid-body Spanish guitars, the Esquire and Broadcaster (Telecaster), whose success prompted Gibson to bring the Les Paul model to market in 1952. Serious offer requests, please contact 818-990-3031 and we'll be happy to share the private party details including complete specs.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a new home - they've splashed out a reported $7 million on Farrah Fawcett's former mansion (studio owner, Allen Sides had previously purchased it from Fawcett). The mansion was initially put on the market with an asking price of $9.5 million. Mariah and Nick have been hunting for the perfect California estate for the last few months, and they reportedly put in an offer to buy one of Los Angeles' most prestigious homes, the Holmby Hills estate (right) in March. Experts priced the Holmby Hills estate at $125 million. It sits in five acres of grounds, has 15 bedrooms, and comes with a library, two kitchens, and a screening room. The couple has now settled on a smaller property - a five bedroom, eight bathroom home in Bel Air. Oscar party sans theater, but who says small can't be beautiful!

The Festival Racket CMJ Music Marathon 2009 Music Festival extended its artist submission deadline until Monday, July 27. "Last chance to play CMJ ’09," says the web site. Artist submissions are open exclusively at Sonicbids, for $45. The promise: Get seen and heard by over 120,000 fans and pros and play New York’s most venerable venues - boweryballroom.com, cake-shop.com, terminal5nyc.com, mercuryloungenyc.com. The burning questions: Just how many submissions do they get? And who gets promoted by the New York Times? Mickey Hart who has a career dating back to the 1960s (when he started playing drums in the Grateful Dead) and majors like Maya Arulpragasam, better known as M.I.A and SPOON . Then there's the more privilaged badge holders (the industry). Come on! Good business model, yes. But, music for art's sake. I think Not. See this blog on facebook and let us hear your thoughts. In contrast The Woodstock Festival was a music festival, billed as "An Aquarian Exposition", held at Max Yasgur's 600 acre dairy farm in the rural town of Bethel, New York from August 15 to August 18, 1969. Thirty-two of the best-known musicians of the day appeared during the sometimes rainy weekend in front of nearly half a million concertgoers

Woodstock was initiated through the efforts of Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, and Artie Kornfeld. It was Roberts and Rosenman who had the finances. They placed the following advertisement in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal under the name of Challenge International, Ltd.: “Young men with unlimited capital looking for interesting, legitimate investment opportunities and business propositions." Lang and Kornfeld noticed the ad, and the four men got together originally to discuss a retreat-like recording studio in Woodstock, but the idea evolved into an outdoor music and arts festival. Woodstock was designed as a profit-making venture, aptly titled "Woodstock Ventures". It famously became a "free concert" only after it became obvious that the event was drawing hundreds of thousands more people than the organizers had prepared for

Tribute concerts Raise Thousands for Grand Rapids Singer-Songwriter Diagnosed with Cancer
Rawlston Bowles Family Fund

Grand Rapids-based singer-songwriter Ralston Bowles is recovering. He was just coming off the European tour and a well-received show at Frederik Meijer Gardens when he started feeling pains in his lower abdomen. Doctors detected colon cancer and operated soon after. Benefit concert has raised over $7,000 to assist Bowles with medical and insurance costs. Hosted by One Trick Pony owner Dan Verhil and his wife, Lisa, and organized by former WYCE-FM station manager Michael Packer, more than 120 people attended each of two Sunday shows by Mulvey and Speace, longtime pals of Bowles.
Friend musicians Amy Speace and Peter Mulvey performed on June 28 benefit. Bowles, often referred to as the "ambassador" or "godfather" of West Michigan's acoustic music scene, may next be headed for a performance at the upcoming Rothbury music festival being held next weekend on the Double JJ Ranch north of Muskegon.We reviewed Rawlston's Car Wreck Conversation produced by Marvin Etzioni in studioexpresso. His latest CD, "Notes from Elsewhere" on Signature Sounds, is a retrospective of songs from his 15-year career. Listen to Rawlston here and wish you health. Donations to the "Ralston Bowles Family Fund" can be made at Macatawa Bank, 3177 Knapp St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49525.

Summer Is Fireworks at the Bowl With Memorable Mancini Music!

LA Phil Presented Ultimate Mancini on July 10-11 at the Hollywood Bowl
Featured Artists included:
Los Angeles Philharmonic Bill Conti, conductor, Dave Grusin, piano, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Concord Record recording artist and 2005 Double-Grammy nominee Monica Mancini, vocalists and special guests. From “Moon River” to “Days of Wine and Roses,” from Charade to Victor/Victoria, from The Pink Panther to Peter Gunn...this was a fitting celebration of the unforgettable legacy of music for film, television and orchestra by four-time Oscar- and 20-time Grammy winner, legendary Hollywood Bowl Hall-of-Famer Henry Mancini!

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