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Niko Bolas
producer l engineer l mixer l writer

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Bolas is a "vibe oriented" producer/engineer who consults the technology world. Niko Bolas, meaning "Up Is Louder" in Greek, feeds his soul with several passions - making records, VR technologies and racing motorcycles. Bolas has been instrumental in creating a unique audio palette for artists ranging from Neil Young, Melissa Etheridge, and Keith Richards to Herb Alpert, Stan Getz, X, and Puff Daddy.

He has recorded and produced music and technology since starting at the famous Record One Studio in 1979. Here's a short list of his credits with Legacy, Contemporary and Emerging Artists: Neil Young (The Volume Dealers), Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Herb Alpert, KISS, Steve Perry... - John Mayer, Los Lonely Boys, LeAnn Rimes, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, The Mavericks... - ZEDD, RACES, The Vim Dicta, Incan Abraham, China’s Bruce Liang Film work spans "The Breakfast Club", "Singles", Scorcese's "Lightning In A Bottle", and Beyonce's "Cadillac Records".

Highlights from Niko's versatile discography includes: Fionna Apple, James Taylor, and Toto, to name a few. He is best known for his work with Neil Young's exceptional Freedom and This Note's For You, as well as Warren Zevon's Sentimental Hygiene (a record that inspired the R.E.M./Zevon collaboration Hindu Love Gods, which Bolas also produced).

One of Bolas' trademarks is his vocal production, which always comes across clearly and loudly on his records (see the Circle Jerks' Oddities, Abnormalties and Curiosities for auditory proof). For the complete discography of Niko's current work visit his web site at: http://www.neeks.com

Bolas continues his tech consulting work with companies like FakespaceLabs (pioneers in music driven VR), DayDreamVR (production company), and he's currently technical advisor to the
Microsoft Surface (multi-touch) project in Los Angeles and ICT Labs.

studioexpresso interview July 20201 feat Niko Bolas 
Quintessential 90s Music: Neil Young's “Rockin’ In the Free World”  

Niko Bolas with Neil Young


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