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Summer is love, music and destination recording. We bring you two in Bali and closer to home in Seattle, Washington. Sometimes you need to reboot your life or music career. And if the royal kiss or the Ben Laden capture didn't do it for you, then we offer 8 easy tips to get your mojo back! While the label exec shuffle is heating up, studioexpresso producers are developing exciting new talent. We visit with LM and Local Kid and drop in at Ascap Music Expo to share what Pharell Williams has to say. Join studioexpresso and Mix Golf Open with special guests at Malibu Country Club. Tee time: June 27

Music Lives and Moves.

claris dodge, founder I publisher, studioexpresso

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Born This Way


Barbara Walters calls her act a head-on-collision between performance, art and underwear! Lady Gaga's third studio album, Born This Way, was released on May 23, but title track or the first single from the album has already set a record by becoming the fastest selling single in history -- 1,000,000 copies in five days after its February 11th release. Could it be that her fans are ready to party like 1986? Remixers like DJ White Shadow, Zedd, and Interscope's Fernando Garibay have brought back the sounds of Madonna and the sound stays pretty consistent throughout. Songs like Fashion of His Love really show off Lady's voice and pull you to the dance floor and keep you there. Here's a surprise. For country fans, Born This Way and You and I are offered in a country version with easy crossover potential. That'll be a first for LG.

Born Stefani Germanotta on March 28, 1986, the Yonkers native attended Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private all-girl Catholic school in Manhattan.
The new album is sprinkled with biblical references to Judas and Marry hinting about bad relationships or betrayal. Of course the lyrics leave it wide open for controversy. No doubt, the album will do well given the marketing push and the reception it's enjoying --you may have noticed the cover on Billboards and buses in and around your city. Amercano and Scheiße have that dance-esque or burlesque quality that fits Lady's live shows. Government Hooker sounds different at first, then you hear the familiar pulsating beat. Bad Kids could be the anthem for thousands feeling rebellious with divorcing parents. Who is she talking about in Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)? Well, it's good to keep your audience guessing. She may be just another American riding a dream.
According to Nielsen Soundscan, Lady Gaga sold roughly 1.11 million (figure includes both physical albums and full-album downloads)copies of Born This Way in the first week of its release. Holy Black Jesus... serve this Lady
a Bloody Mary!

Play, Record & Love!
Destination Recording, Bali

Swara Padi is the Balinese word for 'sound of rice paddies'. According to the owner, Didi Kartanegara, the inspiration behind the studio is his passion for music, recording, and vacationing in Bali. Villa Swara Padi caters to musicians who are looking for a peaceful and luxurious environment to record
and create. The recording studio is equipped with high-end equipment both in the analog and digital domain including the only 9000J series console in the country. There are two assistant engineers, full-time manager, housekeepers, security guards and gardener in the villa with helpful attitude. "We are proud of our staff. Though they don't have the major credits, they are skilled, love what they do and give their 100% to support our clients," adds Didi.

Shockwaves in Washington
Chameleon Labs 7602 mic-preamp/equalizers in the house

Located east of Seattle's bustle in the cozy suburb of Sammamish, Washington, is Shockwave Studio, LLC poised to become the future site of some fantastic recordings. Local audio guru Hans Kuester has recently finished a radically invasive remodeling of his house, catapulting it from an ordinary residence to a fully-formed professional studio - without first lobbing it into the project studio realm. In anticipation of an early spring launch, boxes of high-end gear have been landing at Kuester's doorstep with newspaper-like regularity. One of the key arrivals is Chameleon Labs 7602 mic-preamp/equalizers that promise to play a critical role in the all-important front-end at Shockwave.

The four rooms in the studio were designed by Haverstick Designs. The live room is capable of generously accommodating a full band, with careful consideration given to every aspect of the acoustics. An on-site video editing suite includes a high end HD 3D movie theatre provides all of the resources needed for TV or film.

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA),ATC Loudspeakers (UK), Bock Audio (USA), Chameleon Labs , Geoffrey Daking & Co. (USA) Drawmer (UK), George Massenburg Labs (GML USA),Lehmann Audio SABRA SOM (Brazil), SoundField Microphones (UK), Tonelux, True Systems, Tube-Tech and Sonodyne Nearfield Monitors


New Developments

Hunter Hayes
Storm Warning

His story? Hayes sang "Jambalaya" with Hank Williams Jr. in front of 200,000 people (11 million YouTube views) at the age of four; appeared with Robert Duvall (who gave Hunter his first guitar) in "The Apostle" at the age of six; played with Johnny and June Cash, and Charlie Daniels at a BBQ; performed for President Clinton. You might say Hayes is just getting started! Having moved to Nashville two years ago, Hayes (Born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana in 1991) was quickly signed to Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville where he has co-written songs for Rascal Flatts and Montgomery Gentry. At the same time, he was introduced to Atlantic Records' Chairman/CEO and music visionary Craig Kallman, who he signed with at Atlantic Records.

L Michelle

L Michelle short for Laura Michelle Patterson --singer/songwriter who has a strong commitment to her original material - mixture of pop and rock and is no stranger to the LA club scene (Whisky A Go Go, Mint, El Rey). Rumor is she delivers a good show and keeps each performance fresh and towards the unexpected. Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, her family relocated to Danville, CA where she spent her childhood studying music. She dedicates all her hard work to her father, who encouraged her to follow her dream.
LM is quickly rising to the top and is currently writing and recording with
producer Marvin Etzioni (Toad the Wet Sprocket; Peter Case; Counting Crows) and Grammy-winning engineer/mixer Rafa Sardina (Shakira, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga).



"I'm so thankful to have worked on this project, so much fun.......hope you like it," says arranger Cheche Alera who worked with engineer Rafa Sardina on a track from Born This Way.

Gaga is the first artist in history to claim four #1 hits from a debut album ("Just Dance," "Poker Face," "LoveGame" and "Paparazzi"). She is also the only artist in the digital era to top the 5 million sales mark with her first two hits. Forbes placed her at number seven on their annual list of the world's "100 Most Powerful Women." Gaga says she wants to free her fans-- the young people who like her may feel like a freak and should have the courage to create their own space. This highly inspirational message has striked a chord with millions.



Up to 8 adults can stay in the villa comfortably plus there are choice hotels nearby. We're told Julia Roberts stayed at the Four Season Sayan during filming her movie "Eat Pray & Love." Well, what are you waiting for? Play, Record & Love! Read more here





Shockwave Studio LLC sits on a beautiful acre of land set among three hundred acres of idyllic Washington forest with full views of Lake Sammamish. Apart from natural beauty and the peace that grows with distance from the city, Shockwave also boasts amenities such as a swim spa, hot tub, trampoline, a putting green, and a squash court. "It's a fun place to hang out," admitted Kuester. But musicians and engineers will be distracted from all that by the features inside the studio. Read more here at Trans Audio Group.

For more information on Chameleon Labs, contact Brad Lunde or Phone (702) 307-2700 or visit www.transaudiogroup.com.

LasVegasProAudio.com, LasVegasProAudio.com, a division of TransAudio Group, is the launch pad for the brands of tomorrow. The goal of LasVegasProAudio.com is to provide unique equipment, useful information and long-term support to their clients.LVPA product line includes: Accusound Cable, Economy 50mm Shockmount,Enhanced Audio (Ireland), PAULY Superscreens (Germany)Sonodore Microphones (Holland) Liverpool-based Studiocare Professional Audio will distribute Daking Audio and Bock Audio in the United Kingdom.



Now Hunter, in the producer's chair with Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins) has delivered what he calls his debut album. He's one storm that needs a big warning!

Ya'll he plays 30 instruments, sings, produces, writes and yes folks he's signed to Atlantic at 19! Handsome, charming and talented, Hunter is the country It kid. Call him country Bieber or HH.


Laura Michelle Patterson at Sunset Sound with Marvin Etzioni and Rafa Sardina.

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Drum Doctor

world's finest collection of drums & cures for common drum ailments









Porter and Focusrite at Germano Studios

Since opening its doors in 2008, Germano Studios in New York City has hosted sessions for the "who's who" of recording artists. In the studio’s short history, top artists such as Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and T-Pain have all called Germano home. This should come as no surprise, as Germano Studios is the newest addition to the famed Hit Factory family of recording studios. It should also come as no surprise that top Staff Engineer, Kevin Porter, chooses to incorporate Focusrite into his recording and mix sessions.
Phil Wagner, Focusrite Novation Inc president adds, “Germano Studios is one of the latest and greatest studios in NYC. We’re pleased to see that the studio (now in it’s fourth year) is using Focusrite mic preamps for their prestigious clients.”? For more information on Germano Studios and Kevin Porter, please visit:?http://www.germanostudios.com/

Read more here

Visit Focusrite website for complete specs and key system features on ISA


Vintage Mics: Let’s Ask Somebody That Knows

Mark Hornsby of Trans Audio Group recently sat down with David Bock (an authority on vintage mics if there ever was one) and asked his opinion on the subject. What are the core elements that make up a 251 and how does it compare to other microphones? David: “A great vintage 251 is a unique sum of it’s parts and design that sets it well apart from other mics, even one with many similar parts like the AKG C12. Though made by the same company and sharing the same capsule, tube, transformer, and psu, it’s the small details that set the 251 apart in it’s sound and design. It has a larger headgrille and more protective mesh. This coupled with a special variation capsule and self biased tube contribute to a sound that’s easily distinguished from it’s closest cousin, the C12. This sound is often described as having a full low end and very sweet top end, which finds it to be flattering on many things. It also benefits from slightly higher gain and lower effective noise floor, which also contributes to it’s great versatility.”So that being said, let’s hear what it sounds like. Below is a link to download a Pro Tools session (the audio files are consolidated for non Pro Tools users). The purpose of this session is to compare the sonic differences between a current production Bock 251 and a vintage ELA M 251. The Bock design is hand built in the USA using only the finest and most appropriate parts available to achieve the sound David described above. The ELA M 251 is a vintage microphone with a street value of around $15,000-if you can find one.

TransAudio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde, has quickly become the premier US importer/distributor and/or US sales and marketing representative for high-end audio. Success hinges on TransAudio providing dealers and end users with a higher standard of product expertise and support far beyond the norm. TAG product line includes A-Designs (USA),ATC Loudspeakers (UK), Bock Audio (USA), Chameleon Labs , Geoffrey Daking & Co. (USA) Drawmer (UK), George Massenburg Labs (GML USA),Lehmann Audio SABRA SOM (Brazil), SoundField Microphones (UK), Tonelux, True Systems, Tube-Tech and Sonodyne Nearfield Monitors


Kevin Porter is lead Staff Engineer at Germano Studios, New York. His recent clients include Adele, OneRepublic, Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé, Ne-Yo, Cirque du Soleil (Michael Jackson), Leona Lewis, Kylie Minogue, Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige, Kid Cudi, and T.I


As usual, we encourage you to listen to this session in your own studio or listening environment and let your ears do the talking. I think you’ll hear an immediate difference that will spark some questions of your own.

For Bock 251 Comparison Files click here

For more information on Bock Audio
contact Brad Lunde or Phone (702) 307-2700 or visit www.transaudiogroup.com.


LasVegasProAudio.com, LasVegasProAudio.com, a division of TransAudio Group, is the launch pad for the brands of tomorrow. The goal of LasVegasProAudio.com is to provide unique equipment, useful information and long-term support to their clients.LVPA product line includes: Accusound Cable, Economy 50mm Shockmount,Enhanced Audio (Ireland), PAULY Superscreens (Germany)Sonodore Microphones (Holland) Liverpool-based Studiocare Professional Audio will distribute Daking Audio and Bock Audio in the United Kingdom.

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2004 Edition of the Recording Industry Sourcebook is out






16th Annual TEC LA Open
Monday June 27
Malibu Country Club, Malibu, CA, US

Join studioexpresso and the dynamic duo-Honorary Chair Al Schmitt and Master of Ceremonies Ed Cherney
This "Best Ball" tournament is open to golfers of all levels who have the opportunity to participate in a $1,000,000 shootout, as well as compete for some exciting Hole-in-One prizes, including $10,000 cash, airline tickets for two and a premium electronics golf package. Proceeds from the tournament support programs of the TEC Foundation that recognize and promote excellence in the audio arts and sciences.
Sponsors include Neumann, PMI Audio, Record Plant, Sennheiser, Shure, studioexpresso and The Mastering Palace.

For more information call Karen Dunn at (925) 708-0307 or email Karen@kmdpro.com.

Watch Video Interviews with Top producers from Legendary Studios
studioexpresso in alliance with Record Production & Babblefish is pleased to bring you these interviews. Watch the video interviews by clicking on the producer names below.
Get your FREE Real One Player download

Matt Wallace Interviewed At his Delux Studios in LA for Record Production
L-R: Producer Matt Wallace,
studioexpresso's Claris Dodge
Photo: Johnny Jaskot

Ken Allardyce - Sarm West, UK
Lenise Bent - Village Studios. LA, CA
Niko Bolas - Watersound Studios, Studio CIty, CA
Pete Byrne - Glenwood Place, CA
Andre Fischer - Village Studios, Los Angels, CA
Chris Fogel
- Fig, Glendale, CA
Brad Gilderman - Little Big Room, Burbank, CA
Greg Ladanyi - Maple Jam Productions, Studio City, CA
Joseph Magee - O'Henry Studios, Burbank, CA
Scott Mathews - Tiki Town Studios
Oscar Paul - Roundhouse Studios, London
Greg Penny - Sphere Studios, London
Steve Parr - Hear No Evil Studios
Michael C Ross - Royaltone Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Rafa Sardina - Abbey Road, UK
Elliot Scheiner - Presense studios, CT
Al Schmitt Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA
Toby Scott -- coming soon!
Robert Shahnazarian Jr.
-- Sony Music Studios, Santa Monica
Tolbert & Sutton - Studio Atlantis, Hollywood, CA
Matt Wallace - Delux Studios, Van Nuys, CA
John Wooler - Village Studios, Los Angels, CA

Watch The studioexpresso Grammy Behind-the-Scenes Audio Report here

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Michael Schenker's famous Gibson Flying V guitars are now available exclusively from

Brauer Guitar Rentals


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Expresso Walk And Talk with..

8 Tips to Reboot or Get Your Mojo Back! Popular author David Cottrell spells out "eight simple truths" to follow to achieve career and life success. Acknowledging that at times we all need to reboot, Tuesday Morning Coaching offers simple, memorable, time-tested precepts for finding your best self. Eight is the magic number but the ideas are not new. Here's a quick summary: 1. No Matter What ... accept responsibility and move forward . 2. And Then Some ... give more than is expected 3. Consider it Done ... do what you say you will do. 4. Above All Else ... hold fast to your values. 5. From Now On ... learn from mistakes and welcome change. 6. See It, Feel It, Trust It, Do It ... set, envision, share and take action on your goals 7. Focus Inside Your Boat ... invest your time in things you can control 8. Knowledge is Power ... read, listen, observe and learn. Available in Kindle, paperback or audio cd from Amazon

Ascap Expo I Create Music
studioexpresso attended ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo (April 28-30 in Hollywood) to hear what producer-musician-designer-entrepreneur-style icon Pharrell Williams had to say on Music Creation.
He spoke of a "Devine Fire" that jump started his humble beginnings. He spoke of the importance of music mentors like Ted Riley and Puff for him. He emphasized the value of curiosity, knowledge and working at what he calls the "fourth dimension."
"It's like not knowing what shoe you want to wear until you see someone wearing it well. Then you got to have it. Music is the same." Pharell spoke of the new industry where margins are different. "Now you can make music videos that cost 1million for $80-300K. This allows more creative people to get involved," Pharell as part of The Neptunes, has produced numerous hit singles for various artists, earning three Grammy Awards for his work, including Producer of the Year.
He has written and produced records for a Who’s Who of musical stars across the spectrum, including Nelly, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Kanye West, Daddy Yankee, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Maroon 5, Shakira, The Hives and the Gorillaz, among others. Not content to work in one genre, he has created hip-hop, R&B, pop and funk-rock with his own group, N.E.R.D. A savvy businessman as well as an accomplished music creator, he is the co-founder of the clothing brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Footwear. Ascap session with Pharrell on April 30th at the Renaissance Hotel grand ballroom explored what can be accomplished when you have talent, ambition, vision, a knack for collaboration, and the knowledge of how to focus those gifts into a smart and successful career.
For those of you who missed the show, consider purchasing an Online EXPO Panel Video Access Passcode for $149 to view the panels for yourself at http://www.ascap.com/eventsawards/events/expo/
New projects: Pharell is working with an iconic bike company that's over 10 years old, located out in Brooklyn. "They do a lot of dope collaborations. We did one with Supreme," says Pharell who has also created an art site through which he showcases emerging artists, Artst.com and continues work with Takashi Murakami. NERD's new album "Nothing" is out now! Pharells advice to musicians "Just record it and be different. It lasts longer." Someone from the audience asked how he has built an empire. "Do it becasue you want to do it, not becasue you want to build an empire," Pharell said.

Len Blavatnik, Chairman and founder of Access Industries is officially acquiring Warner Music Group in an all-cash transaction valued at $3.3 billion. The purchase includes WMG’s entire recorded music and music publishing businesses. The purchase price of $8.25 per share represents a 34.4% premium over the volume-weighted average share price of $6.14 over the previous six months. "Access supports Warner Music’s commitment to our recording artists and songwriters who are the foundation of our current and future success,” said WMG’s Chairman and CEO, Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Since a class action has now been filed on behalf of unhappy WMG shareholders. New York-based law firm Brower Piven, alleges that a number of unfair advantages are falling in Len Blavatnik's favor. That includes a longtime personal relationship with Edgar Bronfman, Jr., as well as a longtime position on the Warner board. The case has been filed with the New York State Supreme Court. Higher offers include: $8.50-per-share proposed offer from a "Consortium B," alleged to be Sony/ATV, Guggenheim Partners and Ron Perelman by Bloomberg. Billionaire brothers Tom and Alec Gores were also back with offers.

Live Nation Goes UPS. As an 'Official Sustainability Partner,' UPS will help Live Nation focus on carbon neutral shipping and event-based logistics. That includes shuttling equipment and band members from place to place, and helping bands reduce waste. UPS is the exclusive global package, shipping and logistics sponsor of Live Nation Entertainment and select Live Nation tours and venues. So, initiatives can be rolled across different gigs and tours with some scale. Smart!

Photo: Phil Spector, the early years.
Spector's Legacy As Producer Honored at The 130st Audio Engineering Convention held at the Novotel London West Convention Center during May 13-16, 2011.
Hosted by AES, the APRS and producer/musician Barry Marshall, the session offered a presentation on Phil Spector And The Legacy of The Svengali Producer.
As influential as he is controversial, Phil Spector created an unrivaled legacy of innovative music production techniques and, a priceless treasure of unforgettable music performances.
This in-depth exploration of Spector's genius, credited him for literal creation of the role of the record producer. Marshall traced Spector's evolution, from his early career as an artist, his apprenticeship with Atlantic Records and Leiber & Stoller, his flowering as a producer-mogul with his Philles record label, his initial "retirement" in 1967, his reinvention as the producer of John Lennon and George Harrison and his later work with artists like the Ramones. The lecture emphasized Spector's evolution from the initial creation of his "Wall of Sound" through his Svengali-like approach to artist development.

Barry Weiss, Larry Jackson and Lucian Grainge at Universal
, Doug Morris at Sony and Roger Flaxton of EMI.

The Executives Shuffle - Universal, Warner and Sony
In a high-level corporate talent swap, a number of Sony executives are expected to move to Universal in the coming months, including Barry Weiss, the chairman of Sony's RCA/Jive Label Group, who is expected to head up Universal's operations in New York. Earlier this year New York Times reporter Ben Sisario wrote about the ensuing executive moves. Six months later changes are taking place. First Universal hired Larry Jackson, former executive vice president of A&R at Sony (its rival company) as executive VP of Interscope Geffen A&M, a family of labels whose artists include U2, Eminem and Lady Gaga. At Interscope, Mr. Jackson works under Jimmy Iovine, Interscope’s chairman, who recently took on an additional public role as an in-house talent coach on Fox’s “American Idol.” Another top Universal executive, Ron Fair (Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls) is leaving his post as chairman of Geffen Records and move into a new position on “American Idol.” Last year that show signed a distribution deal with Universal, ending a long association with Sony. Mr. Jackson, 30, started his career in radio as a teenager in San Francisco, was hired by the music mogul Clive Davis of J Records in 2000, and he has since worked with Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys and Britney Spears, among others Antonio Reid, chairman of the Island Def Jam Music Group — another cluster of Universal labels, whose acts include Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Rihanna — has declined an offer to run a new boutique label for the company and is said to have a year left on his contract with Island Def Jam. In January Lucian Grainge, 49 became the chief executive of Universal Music Group. Amy Winehouse, U2 and the reformed Take That. When Amy MacDonald, the singer, went to see him, Mr Grainge persuaded her to sign to Universal by sending a chair to her manager, who had admired it in his office. The chair came with a note: “Sign with us and you get the set.” She did. Mr Grainge, who started out as a teenage talent scout for April Music in 1978, says that his aim is to make Universal Music, in his words, “the hostess with the mostess”. That means working with as diverse a range of distributors as possible. One of his first decisions when he takes over will be whether to support Spotify’s move to America.
The announcement was made in March by Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Sony Corporation that Doug Morris, 72 will start as CEO effective July 1, 2011. Morris began his music career as a songwriter and music producer in 1965 after graduating from Columbia University. He sold his first record label, Big Tree Records, in 1978 to Atlantic Records. Two years later, he was named CEO of Atlantic. Morris heads to Sony as the company's music revenue erodes. In the quarter ended Dec. 31, Sony Music sales were $1.7 billion, down 14.5% from a year earlier. The unit's operating profits slumped 15.7% to $241 million in the quarter. Sony blamed the decline on deteriorating CD sales. Barry Weiss, the RCA chief executive was also signed by Universal and is to start the undisclosed job after his contract with Sony ended in April. In the midst of all its high-level executive changes, Universal is also trimming 60 administrative and technical jobs as part of broad cost-cutting measures. “The current economic climate dictates that we continue to look for more efficient ways to run our business,” a Universal spokesman, Peter LoFrumento, said in a statement confirming the layoffs. “So we are taking steps to reduce costs while increasing our creative investment in a number of new areas and new businesses.”

Life Is Better with Music.” Girl Scouts Rock! Powered by Roland will reach thousands of Girl Scouts and their parents across the country, delivering the message that you can have a “Better Life with Music.” The fun, interactive curriculum co-developed by Roland and Girl Scouts of the USA gets girls pumped up about making music and music education. Girl Scouts Rock! is designed to provide girls ages 8-14 with a hands-on experience playing popular music, an opportunity fewer girls are receiving due to school music budget cuts. Former Girl Scout and Disney star Shelby Spalione, previous lead singer of the all-girl teen rock band KSM, will also be on hand to sing with the Rockin’ Roland Girl’s Band. Spalione, 17, who opened for the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato last year as lead singer of KSM, is currently working on a solo project.

artist expresso-- Ask Claris

"Please Listen to My Song" says a musician with a tongue and cheek sign at ASCAP Expo 2011

Artists write or call us every day from all corners of the world -- US, France, Germany, Russian, Israel, Asia, Australia and Middle East. Most are interested to get heard or build their careers. Now and then we'll feature a letter or feedback and share our picks. Our goal remains to empower new artists and encourage them to find their voice and musical path. Most importantly, we're here to remind the artists that it's a long journey, so enjoy the process and grow your fan base.
We encourage artists to provide a link to their music site when they contact us...if you're interested to have a producer or mixer involved, specify number of songs, budget and desired delivery date. Meantime, visit production talent at studioexpresso to find the right production partner for you.
Let us know if you would enjoy having us host pre-production sessions from host studios where industry can hear your music and offer suggestions and resources. Send an email with "I want to get heard" in the subject line to claris@studioexpresso.com

Gary Clark Jr Signs to WB

It's summer time. You're taking a traditional Bavarian boat trip on the Isar river and suddenly your toes are tapping following the blusy guitar riffs of Gary Clark Jr. Who? Remember you heard it here. Soon fans across the world will go to hear this 27-year old singer, songwriter, and guitarist who hit the road earlier this year with shows at SXSW and at the first annual Bonnaroo Buzz Tour from May 17th -June 9th before taking the stage at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN, on Saturday, June 11. New EP, Bright Lights is due out this summer. The Austin High graduate is getting plenty of attention from new management and newly inked Warner Brother signing.

Local Kid Live

This month we caught up with Local Kid in LA's Whisky a Go Go and The Mint. Manager Sean Sebastian says he's planning a 50 show-tour before the end of 2011. The band offers sense of humor, plays tight with expert communication between band mates and their audience. They blasted the song Bullshit following a joke on Rapture. The music is melodic, textured with solid arrangements backed by colorful lyrics and chorus lines. Packed with emotion and energy, the music of Local Kid (above) is contagious. LK is Larry Anderson ("Junior") - Vocals, Bass; Michael Amaya ("AmayA") - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass; Damon Byers ("Sho") - Vocals, Guitar. New Kids: Lynyrd Skytso "Skytso" on guitar, Jay Puente "Deathrayjay" on bass guitar/vox, Bryce Kelley "Kyd-Komob, Domo" on Drums. The band has been writing since 1986 with influences from Linkin Park and N.E.R.D to a mix of classical and jazz. In the beginning, there were two 10-year old kids who started writing and performing music in the suburbs of Boston, MA - their way to express joy and frustration of their generation while entertaining family and friends. Fast forward in the winter of 2009, Junior and AmayA welcomed Sho (Shopan)- a vocalist already known in Los Angeles. The resulting collaboration caught the attention of 11-time Grammy winning producer Rafa Sardina (Stevie Wonder, Shakira) and an aggressive new label, Ram Jet Records.
Look for the Kids coming to your local hotspot. Better yet, own the tracks for 99 cents off the band's web site. Run, Run!

RIP Steven "Goldy" Goldstein
-May 9, 2011
Mount Sinai Memorial Parks, Simi Valley

Goldy is missed and loved by his family and friends. He was 59. Some of you know him from the many years of work he did in the LA studio scene. Most recently he conducted The New West Pops. Steven Goldstein produced, composed, played (keys) and arranged for numerous albums to include: Dolly Parton, Sarah Brightman, Santana (allmusic). He played keyboards for Debbie Harry. Known to his friends as Goldy, he is listed among the soundtrack album producers “For Love of Liberty, ” a film that chronicles Untold Story of African – Americans’ Courageous Service to their Country. Our thoughts are with his wife Patricia, also a fine musician and sons Oliver and Aaron. Leave a message for his family in the LA Times tribute page here

Royals were not the only couple tying the knott this month. Congrats to Mr & Mrs Castro who were married in Mexico in May. Carlos is the owner of Watersound Studios in Studio City.

Born this Way and Ageless at 70... Say hola to baby Marco... Congrats to proud Dad Cheche Alera and Alera family!

Happy Birthday Mr Dylan! Where were you when you first heard of Bob Dylan? I must have been 12.
Our 20 something English teacher in Tehran had just arrived from London. She was a huge Bob Dylan fan. She entered the classroom of this French Catholic school I attended with much excitement. She carried a stack of loose papers with Bob Dylan lyrics in hand. She quickly distributed to the class of about 30 students. Then she asked each of us to stand and read a verse. Just like I had seen picture of Beetles before hearing their music, Dylan's words made a lasting first impression.
What's your story? In April 2008, Dylan received a Special Citation Pulitzer Prize 'for his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power'. Little that I knew then this was a man who started a movement. He was the man who brought folk to the major rock and roll scene in the American 1960's, and gave other singer songwriter a voice. Today, Dylan's songs remain ageless. "Bob is ageless because he keeps turning new corners, beating down new paths, redefining himself and his art as he goes," says Scorsese, who previously directed a documentary called No Direction Home about Dylan's life from 1961 to 1966. The Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman describes Dylan as a wave. "He's a moving body of energy built of melodies, words, rhythms, ideas, and attitudes that have swept over the world since the year of my birth." U2's Bono adds: "All my life, Bob Dylan has been there for me," while Bruce Springsteen described Dylan as "the father of [his] country". In 1991, as he presented Bob Dylan with a Grammy for lifetime achievement, Jack Nicholson said, he's been called everything from the voice of his generation to the conscience of the world. He rejects both titles and any others that try to categorize him or analyze him. Bob, Thanks for your wonderful music and many more!
And here's a salute to my English teacher, wherever she may be today!

Ah, but I was so much older then
I'm younger than that now
-- Dylan from
"My Back Pages" covered by artists as diverse as The Byrds, The Ramones, The Nice, Steve Earle, and The Hollies. At the 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert to Dylan at Madison Square Garden in 1992, Dylan performed "My Back Pages" with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Neil Young, and Roger McGuinn

"There's no one in the record industry that's a technologist," Morris explains. "That's a misconception writers make all the time, that the record industry missed this. They didn't. They just didn't know what to do. It's like if you were suddenly asked to operate on your dog to remove his kidney. What would you do?"
-- Doug Morris, incoming CEO Sony Music who once called iPod Users Thieves.

"We strongly protest this decision and we ask you to represent all of the colors of the rainbow when it comes to music and give ethnic music a place in the heart of music lovers everywhere."
--Carlos Santata (open letter to NARAS protesting proposed 2015 catagory elimination of contemporary jazz, Native American, zydeco, cajun, classical, Hawaiian, Mexican and world music as well as contemporary blues, Haitian, polka

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