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studioexpresso reports a busy year with growing membership, expanded geographic area and added services.



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L-R: Sherry and engineer/mixer/producer Michael C. Ross, Alex Ross, Annex Digital studio manager, Janice Lee, Jordan Ross, Claris Sayadian-Dodge, Tamara & engineer/mixer/producer Rafa Sardina.

November 15, 2001 (Los Angeles, CA)—  Beginning this month studioexpresso is offering the recording and ProAudio community a bulletin board featuring local news and events.  This PR service will supplement the promotional tools available to member service providers producers/composers/engineers and studios.


Since its launch late last year, studioexpresso has added over 2500 select members worldwide. “Our membership is relatively small but powerful - they are the movers and shakers of the music and pro audio industry and we make a point of getting to know everyone. Our intention is to build a community and provide them with service, service and service. Ultimately we’re responding to an industry need for facilitating information and saving time,” says founder Claris Sayadian-Dodge. “I had such a tight deadline to get the master tapes of Ringo’s transferred and shipped.  In less than two hours studioexpresso helped me locate a studio, rented machines… all under budget! I was able to fulfill my client’s demanding needs and have him mixing within 24 hours of his phone call,” says music supervisor/engineer Lenise Bent.


studioexpresso emphasizes its community approach by profiling producers, engineers and composers. “They are the life line to the artist and studio. The growing studioexpresso roster of producer/engineers includes participants who are with or without management,” says Claris. Currently there are more than forty select members including notable producers like Eddie Kramer, Rick Nowels, Joseph Magee,  Rik Pekkonen,  Rafa Sardina,  Ken Allardyce,  Marvin Etzioni and Tim Palmer. “I find the service very helpful. If someone is asking for my bio or current credits, I can e-mail the link from my profile page on the studioexpresso’s web site.  Additionally, I always welcome new client referrals. Last month, I was called to work with a WB artist,” says producer/engineer Michael C. Ross.


The studio spotlight section continues to feature both new finds and world-class facilities. “We like to bring unique or state-of-the-art recording studios that have news of interest to our community. We also use this page to provide our clients with an “express studio tour,” says Claris.  A year-end studio gallery will include all twelve studios show-cased in 2001. Recently featured studios include: Studio Atlantis, Hollywood; Annex Digital, San Francisco & Menlo Park; Studio 880, Oakland, Prairie Sun, Sonoma; Allaire, upstate NY; Royaltone, North Hollywood; Skywalker Sound, San Rafael NRG , North Hollywood, Conway , Hollywood  Cello (Hollywood) and currently Avatar, In NY.  “Cello has a world wide appeal. studioexpresso’s one-page snapshot with photos and description makes us more accessible to a larger audience who would be interested in our services. We welcome everyone! ” says Candace Stewart, manager at Cello Studios.


The studio-time search engine and referral service has expanded to include new geographic areas. “We’ve got the inventory - available studio-time is averaging between 20-35 offers per day,” says Claris. The participating studios have SSL 9K, Neve VR, API, Trident and Pro Tool in a variety of desirable acoustic spaces and locations including Burbank, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Bay Area and Sonoma. “We’ve started including Nashville, New York and Arizona this month. Additionally, we’ve allied with Canadian Recording and Studio Sessions in Australia to extend our reach and offer deals to our clients recording outside the US,” says Claris. 


It’s especially convenient for out-of-town productions looking to find recording services in California.  The studioexpresso online resources are available 24x7 and the staff is available via e-mail; and a toll-free number during business hours. “The service is timely since we are obviously gravitating towards Internet services for just about everything. The site is easy to use, looks good...and it just plain works,” says engineer/producer, John Sorensen, Montreal, Canada.


Finally, studioexpresso is a one-stop service that helps simplify the task of locating production services quickly without adding to ones’ overhead. Plus, It’s a helpful reference and referral tool for the artist, label, manager or project co-coordinator. “We have artists who need development and always look for the right guy to track/mix a song or a studio that can accommodate our budget,“ says Sam Chates of Blue Print Management. 


Founded in January of 2000, studioexpresso (http://www.studioexpresso.com/) is the first on-line exchange that leverages the power of Internet to provide the recording community a promotional tool including real-time information on available studio time and related services in a one stop, convenient and private environment.  The system is custom designed to satisfy the music industry’s recording needs such as engineer/producer profile, studio spotlight, news, related links and more… The service is initially available for studios in California and few select regions in US and is free to all registered members worldwide.


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