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Tim Palmer
Producer l Mixer


History/Disco: He mixed three tracks for POE for Atlantic, mixed a live album for SAVAGE GARDEN, and mixed a U2 track for the movie, “Million Dollar Hotel”.Palmer mixed BURN SEASON for Elektra and HIM for BMG Finland, BEN HARPER for Virgin and KANE for BMG Holland. He completed mixing FAITH HILL for WB, GREENWHEEL for Island, DREDG tracks for Interscope, PORCUPINE TREE for Lava, KANE for BMG Holland, MXPX for Tooth and Nail, STAGE for Maverick, D.A.D. for EMI and WAYNE for TVT, JACK JONES for Gotham, OFF BY ONE for LMC Records, produced the new OZZY OSBOURNE and mixing tracks on the last U2 album, ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind".



Current credits:  Tim Palmer is currently mixing The ATARIS forthcoming album for Columbia. He just finished mixing tracks for INXS’ new album. He also mixed CURT SMITH of TEARS for FEARS forthcoming album and tracks for TEARS for FEARS forthcoming box set for Universal. He just produced and mixed the new HIM album Dark Light which debuted at # 18 on the US charts for Sire. Tim also produced and mixed KANE’s forthcoming album for BMG Netherlands and mixed BRIL for Kirtland Records. He mixed tracks for BETTER THAN EZRA’s new album (Artemis) and a track for THE VANISHED’s new album (Kirtland). He recently remixed HOOBASTANK’s hot single “The Reason” for UK Radio. He recently mixed two tracks for GREENWHEEL’s new album (Island/Def Jam) and a track for JOSH KELLEY (Hollywood). He mixed the new TEARS FOR FEARS album Everybody Loves a Happy Ending for Universal. He also mixed tracks for KACI, DOLORES O'RIORDAN of 'THE CRANBERRIES’ and a 5:1 JASON MRAZ LIVE DVD/CD for Elektra.



Contact: http://timpalmer.com/

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