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"Just a quick note to say that while I receive tons of e-newsletters, I always enjoy getting the 'studioexpresso' updates. They are nicely laid out and designed, and have interesting as well as diverse tidbits to peruse. Your 'Profiles' on various industry professionals are especially well-written and enjoyable. (Loved the one some time ago on Alex Patsavas, she's an old friend of mine as we worked together back at BMI in 'the dark ages'!!)
Keep up the great work!
Most sincerely,"
Brady L. Benton, Vice President of Catalogue Development

--Peer Music - Los Angeles

"Thanks you for the nice work you do!"
"Lookin' good! Your Newsletter is very cool, easy to download and navigate about, and links to people make it very convenient to find out who's who and how they present themselves. Dang, ain't this digital age something else?!"

-- Mr.Bonzi, author, photographer, filmographer

"Wow! studioexpresso is looking great! Who would have thought that (your) seed of an idea some years ago would grow and blossom into such an informative and interesting ezine.
Well done! It is very cool. You deserve about a million pats on the back."

-- Matt Wallace, producer l mixer l engineer (Maroon 5, Spin Doctors, John Hiatt)

"Just finished reading/scanning articles in your May2011ezine. Bravo. Found many items of interest. Your work is always top notch. The writing and editing is way impressive. Thanks for your super work
--Glenn Farr, Editor, WB TV Series for CBS, The Mnetalist

"Your execution (studioexpresso ezine) is very nice. Personal, informative and classy... just like you, Claris!"

--Keith Hatschek, Director, Music Management Program
Conservatory of Music University of the Pacific, Stockton

"Great layout and you are hitting many areas of interest....You are a standout among industry publications...."

--Paul West
Universal Mastering Studios

"I just came back from mixing with Jim (Scott) in L.A. and the mixes sound unbelievable! It couldn't have been a more positive experience. He is so great, and we had a really fun time.
I feel so grateful to you for helping me make that connection and getting this done right. A million thanks for your help. I just googled myself...and was so pleasantly surprised to come across the write up on my CD in the Sept/Oct issue of studioexpresso! Take care,"
, singer/songwriter

Thank you for connecting me up with Al (Schmitt). After many years, we are meeting next week. What a good service you provide.

--Russ Gary, artist

"I like what you guys are doing, but I have a feeling most of us "indie folks" aren't feeling quite connected to most of the topics and the major label/major artist focus of the studio expresso newsletters. If you guys could balance it out with some more indie producers, engineers and bands and smaller studios doing good things, I think it would be a real boost to what you are accomplishing. Thanks for listening.

--Dylan Magierek, President
Badman Recording Co., Portland, Orego

Thanks for the great story on Alex Patsavas and The Chop Shop. Alex is the best and brightest Music Sup. around, and I've loved working with her on many projects. She's a true pro, and darn nice gal on top of it!

---Brady L. Benton, VP of Film, Television and Special Markets
Peermusic - Los Angeles

Thank you for including us in your newsletter claris, it's always an honor to be mentioned. maybe you can make it out to our show on august 24 in la? lemme know. you're the greatest!

---Nubar (Mark Donikian), singer/songwriter/producer

"I read the newsletter every's great. I'm one of studioexpresso's biggest fans."

-- Neil Stubenhouse, musician, RMA President, LA Chapter

"Great newsletter! Thank you for including the information regarding our continued availability for sessions! The Section Quartet played on the Sean Lennon album you mentioned as well. I wrote four string arrangements for that album. Sean’s a great guy."

-- Eric Gorfain, The Section Quartet

"Your e-newsletter has style and punch plus a bit of "sauce!"

--Mark "Mooka" Rennick, producer/studio owner
Prairie Sun Recording Studios"

Cotati, Northern California

"Thank you so much for all of your effective support of my geniuses. We at SOS Management warmly appreciate the studioexpresso difference!"

--Shannon O'Shea, Mgr
Shannon O'Shea Mgmnt

Los Angeles, Ca.

"I can't thank you enough for your kind and immediate attention to your clients and my requests for revisions of Bob's profile. studioexpresso ROCKS!"

--Gerri Ann Vidal
Miami Mix

"Thanks a million..... you've no idea how useful this is!! Christmas comes twice this year!"
--David Norland, Producer, WorldsEnd

"We have artists who need development and always look for the right guy to track/mix a song or a studio that can accommodate our budget."

-- Sam Chates, Artist Mgr
Blue Print Management Hollywood, Ca.

"I had such a tight deadline to get the master tapes of Ringo Starr's transferred and shipped. In less than two hours studioexpresso helped me locate a studio, rented machines… all under budget! I was able to fulfill my client's demanding needs and have him mixing within 24 hours of his phone call."

--Lenise Bent
, music supervisor/engineer

Hollywood, Ca.

"I find studioexpresso's PR and Marketing services very useful. If someone is asking for my bio or current credits, I can e-mail the link from my profile page on the studioexpresso's web site. Additionally, I always welcome new client referrals. Last month, I was called to work with a WB artist."

-- Michael C. Ross
, producer/engineer
Burbank, Ca.

"Cello has a world wide appeal. studioexpresso's one-page snapshot "studio spotlight" with photos and description makes us more accessible to a larger audience who would be interested in our services. We welcome everyone! "

--Candace Stewart, manager Cello Studios Hollywood, Ca.

"It's great that the AES LA section has an ally in studioexpresso."
-- Bob Lee, Applications Engineer, QSC Audio/ Chairman, Audio Engineering Society
Los Angeles Section

"The service is timely since we are obviously gravitating towards Internet services for just about everything. The site is easy to use, looks good...and it just plain works."

--John Sorensen
, Engineer/producer
Montreal, Canada

"Awesome newsletter!! Who needs billboard when you've got studioexpresso?"
--Benjamin Osgood, President/CEO Free Radical Networks - (Previously VP director of A&R, Bop City Doc Hollywood Records).
Los Angeles, CA

"A warm "Mahalo!" (Thank you!) for the great article on Radar 24 in your May 03 newsletter. Those interviews are really great...brought out some practical insights for the younger engineers as well as things of interest for veterans. Some of the sessions discussed are also very historic and I'm glad this info. is being documented.

--Audy Kimura
, producer/egnineer/composer and
friendly Radar 24 dealer and studioexpresso member Hawaii

"Like the studioexpresso monthly e-news and interviews, etc! WHOOPDEE...WOO! Look at who's ...whoo-bangin!! (that's jargon in the hip-hop community for you are on top of your game!) :)
-Manuel Espinosa, MCA Music

"I got an internship through studioexpresso with a very cool studio and I'm happy with the opportunity. This is a great site, keep up with the good work!"
--Eliane Delage
, engineer

Thanks for hooking us up with the producers and giving us goodies for the bags. We couldn't have done it without you!

--Leslie Waller, Mgr