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Audy Kimura
producer l engineer l composer

History: Audy Kimura began his engineering career at Sounds of Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii with his first client, Don Ho. At the time, Allen Sides (Ocean Way) was a frequent visitor and mentor as was Bill Putnam (UREI) who was his first audio instructor.

Kimura has won the 1st Place in the U.S. International Film & Video Festival Award, 8 Awards as a composer and artist from the Hawaii Academy of recording arts, 2 Telly Finalist Awards, and has been honored with a resolution from the full Hawaii State Senate and House of Representatives commending him for his work. He has produced and engineered projects for Amherst Records (Glenn Medeiros), Epic/Sony, Universal Music (Polydor) Japan, 7-Eleven Japan, Dentsu, Toyota, NEC and others. He also serves as the

From 1994 to 2002 Kimura was the "Audio/Acoustics Consultant" for the Hawaii Convention Center and was retained by the State of Hawaii for the design, construction and certification of the $350 million facility until completion of the project. Kimura is also a respected guitarist, currently sponsored by Godin. He composed, produced and engineered TV jingle and news music package for CBS Hawaii (KGMB TV), 2 TV shows on Fox Hawaii (KHON TV), station jingle package for KORL 99.5 FM, jingle package for Verizon and numerous CD and video projects. He also did national TV commercials for 7-Eleven, NEC, Toyota in Japan and theme songs for FM-Yokohama, and FM-Tokyo

Kimura recorded one of the world's top classical guitarists, Carlos Barbosa-Lima (Concorde Records) for an upcoming CD project.

He continues to provide the music for CBS Hawaii TV and for 2 TV shows on Fox Hawaii TV, commercials for The Honolulu Advertiser (Hawaii's largest daily owned by Gannett Corp.), New Wave Broadcasting, The Hyatt Regency Waikiki and others.

An avid user/fan of Radar 24 technology, Kimura is also Radar 24's official dealer in Hawaii and offers "Special Pricing" for Studioexpresso members. For interested parties, Audy can arrange a demo session in Hollywood. "I started as an analog diehard and reluctantly started using some digital. Radar 24 gave me the best of both. The great sound, resolution AND reliability of analog but with the power of digital, all in a package which was designed for the user. What a concept! No crashes, no freezes, no tape wear and painless to use so you can concentrate on making music." Kimura is specially satisfied with iZ Technology (makes Radar 24) support: "I will tell you that iZ Technology has toll free, free, unlimited Tech. Support and has the best support I have ever received from any company in any industry - another reason I'm sold on Radar 24. I have yet to be put on hold or wait more than seconds for answers to my questions. That's the kind of customer service I can rely on," says Kimura.


The land Has Eyes

Current Credits: Audi Kimura co-wrote and co-produced the original score for The Land Has Eyes which was selected for the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Montreal, NY, Brisbane, Shianghai, Hawaii, Rotterdam, Maui and Singapore film festivals among others.
The Land Has Eyes is the first Fijian film to be submitted for nomination for an Oscar.

Contact: Audy Kimura
e-mail:  audy@audykimura.com
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