Scoring With Musicians and Composers 

Right:  Studio founder/owner and engineer Holden Woodward at Silent Zoo Studios Control Room with film Composer Hildur Gudnadóttir (Joker, Battlefield 2042, Women Talking) equipped with Neve Legend and ATC speakers.

Silent Zoo Studios has reopened as one of LA's premier
music recording sites in Glendale, California.   Formerly the Bridge Recording, a renowned Los Angeles scoring stage, the venue is now under new staffing and management as Silent Zoo Studios. The distinctive facility was constructed to optimum professional standards and has served thousands of projects to date. Silent Zoo’s recent bookings include a cinematic trailer for Magic: The Gathering; jazz piano sessions; brass, strings and wind sections for Netflix; and vocal sessions for 2021 American Idol star Grace Kinstler .

96-channel Neve VSP Legend console

"We are excited  that the studio is reopening with our re-capped 96-channel Neve VSP Legend console, brand new computing power, interfaces, and many more upgrades," says Holden Woodward, founder/owner,  musician,  engineer and indi filmmaker. Woodward took advantage of the pandemic downtime to revamp the studio sonically, aesthetically and equipment wise. "Carrying on the great legacy left by The Bridge, Silent Zoo Studios is committed to continuing to be an integral part of the screen  scoring world, while incorporating contemporary music of all genres. The facility is also fully equipped to livestream live concerts, shows, sessions, podcasts, interviews...," adds Woodward.

Building upon a Legacy

Silent Zoo's 1750 sq.ft. live room, adjoining isolation booths and spacious 875 sq.ft. control room allow for large-scale productions to record comfortably. While continuing its legacy in screen scoring, the studio is expanding to serve major recording artists and record labels. New video broadcast capabilities make remote recording and live streaming straight forward. 

Silent Zoo Studios offers the latest Apple computing power running the current Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Ableton Live programs, including the latest plug-ins and recording software. The outboard gear and mic locker have been further enhanced including three matched original Neumann M50’s, maintained by Klaus Heyne, the foremost practitioner of condenser microphones modifications in America.

Aminities  Aminities with the capacity to accommodate 50+ musicians and two large iso booths, Silent Zoo Studios offers a full backline of instruments (drums, guitars, basses, keyboards), a 4K video rig with multiple cameras; a 9-foot Steinway Concert D; the complete Telefunken Diamond series of mics; and over 300 guitar effect pedals (shown above). Vibe changes and additions include vinyls and a record player in the lobby; art by artists from all over the world; Apple TV, video games and more; lightbulbs that can change colors to create any spectrum throughout the studio; and did we mention high- quality coffees like Blue Bottle?! 

Award-winning Design

The ground up 6500 sq. ft. scoring facility housing a 1700 sq. ft. stage (37’x48’ with a 22’ ceiling), two large ISO rooms (17’ x 12’), machine room, large control room (775 sq. ft.)  designed by Kaufman & Associates   -Formerly as The Bridge chosen in the Mix Class of 2011    The walls have exposed brick and the facility has vintage 1920’s lighting fixtures for an overall hybrid factory-industrial/rustic aesthetic.



Massive connectivity is built into what could be one of the largest, most comfortable, and exceptional sounding rooms in town.  The control room features  a piece of Hollywood history -- a 96-input Neve scoring console (previously at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M).
Another key feature at Silent Zoo is its dedicated cue mix setup for engineers via custom Neve 48-channel cue mixer. 






When Woodward first set foot in the studio’s large live room, the veteran musician, and music/film producer, and (at the time) student in USC’s music industry program, envisioned buying it as a personal facility. With its 96 channel Neve VRL console and large  control room, it seemed like the perfect spacious  sonic environment to record his surf/grunge band Checkerneck’s new 13-song album and continue his slate of scoring and artist production projects. In December 2019, Woodward recorded a scoring session with his fellow USC students––and it went so well that he decided to expand operations to become a commercial studio.

  Top left-right: Paul Cartwright , Kenneth Pattengale of The Milk Carton Kids , and Whitney Martin

Respected Engineers who have worked in the room  include: Brad Haehnel, John Rodd, Chris Fogel and Shawn Murphy, to name a few. Academy, Grammy and BAFTA winner film composer Hildur Gudnadóttir (Battelfield 2042, Women Talking, Joker) and Milk Carton Kids, are among recent clients. Past sessions include Star Trek, Our Planet, The Grammys, John Legend, Iron and Wine, Nationwide Commercials, Stormzy, and The Walking Dead.

 Silent Zoo has a large selection of drums, guitars, basses, keyboards, and  a 4K video rig with multiple cameras; and an extensive microphone locker filled with Telefunken, Neumann, AEA, and more.  The studio is also equipped to film and livestream concerts, shows, sessions, podcasts, and interviews.


Silent Zoo named Victor Janacua as studio manager in June 2023. "As we emerge from pandemic restrictions, Victor comes to us at the perfect time for our further growth and position in Los Angeles," says Woodward.  Janacua is not only one of the most experienced studio managers in the ever-evolving music industry, but a popular performing DJ known for his widespread knowledge of popular music. "I am very fortunate to land here at Silent Zoo, which has just completed major upgrades and is now one of the few remaining orchestra- size recording spaces in the city. I'm looking forward to seeing many old friends here in this fresh new spot."


Victor Janacua and Holden Woodward. Photo by David Goggin    

Parking is available across the street near the studio's Tech Shop, located at 5304 San Fernando Road.  

Excellent restaurants surround you at Silent Zoo...Porto's, Damon's and other popular eateries on Central and Brand Avenues and at The Americana in Glendale are only 5 minutes away!

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