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The Golden Moments
Keith Hatschek
Backbeat Books

The Golden Moments shares the secrets of 50 seasoned audio pros under one cover. From new trends in high-resolution digital audio and podcasts to setting up an effective home studio and getting the most from equipment. Dedicated musicians won't want to be without their very own copy of The Golden Moment. Includes interviews with 17-time-Grammy-winning-engineer Al Schmitt and other heavy weights like Bruce Swedien, Richard Dodd, Ed Cherney, Chuck Ainlay, Jimmy Douglass, Mick Guzauski, and Elliot Scheiner.


Mixing With Your Mind

Two years in the writing, 20 years in the making, MWYM offer a f
oreword by Sir George Martin - "This book is a remarkable insight into the most important piece of equipment in the recording studio - the human brain." Mixer/engineer Ken Allardyce who keeps a copy in his studio also highly recommeds the book "It's brilliant for both layman and pro" says Ken Allardyce (Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day).

Ian Dury & the Blockheads
Song By Song
by Jim Drury

The Blockheads were the musical force behind the articulate and thought provoking lyrics of the enigmatic shaman - Ian Dury. Sadly he is no longer with us, but Dury's band have continued. This book sits the original line up down and discusses with them the back catalogue of hits they enjoyed, as well as their memories of the great man. A must for any true music fan!






Don't Try This At Home
A rollicking memoir of Dave Navarro. Just set it on the coffee table at your home and watch how quickly it snares its readers.
Andy Warhol was so enamored with Polaroids that he made special arrangements with the company to purchase all the overstock film of a discontinued model of camera.
A similar photographic fetish is the organizing principle of Don't Try This at Home. For kicks, rocker and author Dave Navarro installed a carnival-grade photo booth in his L.A. home. The book documents a year's worth of visitors to Navarro's pad who all stepped into the booth to get their mug shots snapped.
The resulting dispatch from Hell is as hard to draw one's eyes from as a twelve car pile-up. Intermingled with a parade of rock stars, models, prostitutes, drug dealers, pizza delivery guys, and housecleaners are a series of observations and interviews with Dave and his co-author Neil Strauss. Strauss, co-author of other tomes for Jenna Jameson, Marilyn Manson, and Motley Crue, operates less as an editor than as a ringmaster to this debauched thing rock stars call a lifestyle. –Ryan Boudinot

Temples of Sound
by William Clark, Jim Cogan, Quincy Jones

Tells the stories of the legendary studios where musical genius and a magical space came together to capture some of the most exciting jazz, pop, funk, soul, and country records ever made. From the celebrated Southern studios of Sun and Stax, to the John Coltrane/Miles Davis sessions in producer Rudy Van Gelder’s living room, to Frank Sinatra’s swinging cuts at state-of-the-art Capitol Records, each of the 15 profiles in this book brings great music to life at the moment of its creation. With a trove of never-before-seen photographs and fascinating, all-new interviews with the musicians and producers who made the records, Temples of Sound is a rich inspiration for music fans.




by Peter Grueneisen

Architecture and music share many parallels and intersecting elements. Recent developments in the music, film, and media industries have given rise to new building types of audio and visual media. These projects require a comprehensive approach from the various disciplines to bridge architecture, art and technology. For more than 10 years studio bau:ton has been pre-eminently involved in drawing together these diverse disciplines This book is an eclectic survey of issues central to building for contemporary media. Renowned guest authors from the fields of media and architecture have contributed ideas and projects, and a detailed overview of architectural acoustics serves as an integrated technical guide. practical applications are presented in a beautifully illustrated portfolio of distinguished projects by studio bau:ton, ranging from museums to recording studios and film production facilities. Projects like the Fox Scoring Stage in Los Angeles or Bad Animals in Seattle are complemented by international examples such as Sony Music in Tokyo, X-Art in Austria and many more.



Broken Music

"Having been a songwriter most of my life, condensing my ideas and emotions into short rhyming couplets and setting them to music, I had never really considered writing a book. But upon arriving at the reflective age of fifty, I found myself drawn, for the first time, to write long passages that were as stimulating and intriguing to me as any songwriting I had ever done." -- Sting

Every new artist will relate to this book - written beautifully by the master reinventor himself. Truly inspiring.



The Indie Bible
Far and away the most comprehensive resource for getting exposure for your music on the Internet. studioexpresso recommends this book for the independant and/or new artists.








All You Need Is Ears!
George Martin

For every music lover, its history is part of the pleasure. Read about the man who, with The Beatles, changed the second half of the 20th century in helping them composed the most important opus of its time.







All You Need to Know About the Music Business : Fifth Edition
Donald S. Passman

One of the best sources on legal aspects of the music business from one of the most respected entertainment attornies of today.






Succeeding In Music
John Stiernberg

Business Handbook for Performers, Songwriters, Agents, Managers & Promoters When to Quit your Day Job and how to make it really. studioexpresso recommends this book for new and indie artists who are starting and anyone who's looking to reinvent themselves.

John Stiernberg who began as a musician is also presenter of Business Chops Seminars and consults with many pro audio manufacturers.


What's Up Dawg?: How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business

To the general public, he's best known as a judge for the TV show American Idol. But for most of you who know him well, the book is just the latest in Randy Jackson’s impressive string of credits. From legendary session bassist to songwriter and record producer to artist manager and label vice president, Jackson boasts a seemingly endless list of accomplishments.





Mix Masters

A collection of 27 interviews with platinum engineers by Mix magazine writer Maureen Droney.

Discover how music engineers, using the same arsenal of tools, can create such unique works from artist to artist, even track to track. You'll find practical and informative behind-the-scenes, behind-the-glass insight into the art of mixing by the industry's most in-demand engineers across all genres - pop, rock, country, classical and film.

Maureen is best known in the industry for her engineering work (Santana, Tower of Power) and as a contributor to Mix Magazine. She also books the House Of Blues Studios in Los Angeles and married to engineer/mixer Ken Kessie (Tony! Toni! Tone!, Herbie Hancock).



The Musician's Handbook
Bobby Borg

In The Musician’s Handbook, veteran musician Bobby Borg (a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, has performed extensively throughout US, Europe and Japan with a variety of artists, including the multi-platinum group Warrant) reveals over 35 inspirational and proactive strategies for pursuing a successful career in the music industry. Chapters provide comprehensive coverage of the four types of business relationships, the five key people a musician needs to succeed and the four major sources of music revenue.



Music Business Primer
Diane Sward Rapaport

A Music Business Primer explores the ecology of the music industry. The symbiotic partnership between music businesses and the creativity and talent of musicians and performers


Q: The Autobiography of Quincy Jones

Q is an impressive self-portrait by one of the master makers of American culture, a complex, many-faceted man with far more than his share of talents and an unparalleled vision, as well as some entirely human flaws. It also features vivid testimony from key witnesses to his journey–family, friends, and musical and business associates. His life encompasses an astonishing cast of show business giants, and provides the raw material for one of the great African American success stories of this century.

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The Buddha in Your Mirror

Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self

The introduction by jazz great Herbie Hancock, a Nichiren practitioner for 29 years, makes one wonder if the rhythmic emphasis of this chant has a special call for musicians, but this path obviously has bold appeal for a broad audience of people who are willing to give chant a chance.

Tina Turner found the strength to leave an abusive marriage after she began chanting "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo." This phrase, translated as "I devote myself to the mystic law of cause and effect through sound," is at the heart of Nichiren Buddhism, a practice clearly explained in this self-help primer. In 1253, the Japanese monk Nichiren declared Nam-myoho-renge-kyo "to be the one true law, the great `secret' hidden in the depths of the Lotus Sutra.









A&R Registry
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Studio Stories: How the Great New York Records Were Made: From Miles to Madonna, Sinatra to the Ramones
by Dave Simons

An engaging account of some of the most memorable moments in New York's recording history, as seen through the eyes (and ears) of the many producers, engineers, songwriters, and recording artists who helped make them happen. It explores the explosive 30 years between 1950 and 1980 and the numerous ingredients that made them unique: artists performing live in large, vibrant recording spaces; producers and engineers spontaneously creating new effects and techniques; composers writing parts on demand in the studio; and, most important, recording studios that had life, character, and their own fingerprint sound.


Nathan East - The Business Of Bass
Series: DVD
Publisher: Panopoly

Nathan's background in Jazz and Popular music has earned him numerous awards including most valuable player (bass catagory) at the International Rock Awards and "Bassist of the Year" at 3 of the last 4 National Smooth Jazz Awards ceremonies. . He is one of the original members of contemporary jazz group Fourplay (Bluebird/BMG) along with Bob James (keyboards) and Harvey Mason (drums). Their Grammy nominated albums have earned Gold status and continue to top the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts. East whose credits include Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Babyface, Billy Preston and David Foster, takes you into the studio and behind the scenes to learn and see first-hand what it takes to be a professional musician. Bonus tracks include: interactive Q&A • professionals' workshop with Harvey Mason and Nathan East • rare concert performances by Fourplay featuring Nathan East, Bob James, Harvey Mason and Larry Carlton.
Running Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes.







Nashville's Unwritten Rules: Inside the
Business of Country Music

by Dan Daley
Producer, songwriter, and journalist Daley has written an insider's book that hits the nail on the head: country music is a big money maker, with Nashville as the focal point, but to succeed you must follow some "unwritten rules." Daley points out that in spite of dollar signs everywhere, Southern qualms about social propriety dictate that you don't talk about money, you just make it. To this end, successful songwriters, producers, music publishers, and musicians in Nashville have learned the rules he sets down here. Daley claims that even outsiders can learn to play this game.

Faces of Music: 25 Years of Lunching with Legends
Mr Bonzai

Mr. Bonzai takes you through the inner sanctums of the recording industry to meet artists, producers, and engineers who have shaped some of modern music. Over 400 photographs, many never-before published, and 160 interviews with popular music artists and engineers/producers including Jimmy Buffet, Ed Cherney, Leonard Cohen, Devo, Geoff Emerick, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Eddie Kramer, k.d. lang, David Lynch, George Massenburg, George Martin, Robert Moog, Willie Nelson, Phil Ramone, Carlos Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Al Schmitt, Bruce Swedien, Don Was, Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Zappa.
A must have for your studio lounge coffee table!


Laying It Down
Kenny Aronoff New DVD & Address

Kenny Aronoff's "Laying it Down: Basics of Rock Drumming" is now available on DVD. It includes exclusive, never-before-seen footage along with many other special features including a candid recording session with Kenny, drum solos, photo galleries, and printable PDF files of the onscreen examples. Click here to order. studioexpresso caught up with the legendary drummer during a session with Ken Allardyce in Los Angeles. "Yes it was great working with ken. He is amazing as an engineer and I love him as a person. I have had a place here in LA for 3 years now, so I am more available for LA sessions," says Aronoff who can be reached at 818-990-3031 or visit Aronoff web site here.

  If These Halls Could Talk: A Historical Tour Through San Francisco Recording Studios (Paperback)
by Heather Johnson

Leading Bay Area artists, producers, engineers, and studio owners take readers on a guided tour through some of San Francisco's top recording studios, venturing behind the scenes of some of popular music's hottest albums
Madonna Confessions
Photo Book

Madonna's co-manager Guy Oseary followed the queen of the dance floor during her Confessions Tour back in 2006 and took thousands of live pictures while Madonna was performing hits from her Confessions On A Dance Floor album on stage. The 256 page picture book includes a selection of his best photos and depicts the show as imagined by the queen herself.

Published by Flying Dolphin Press, the book will be released on June 10, 2008 and available for pre-order from Amazon here!


Behind the Glass:
Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits
by Howard Massey

If you're an artist or session musician, you'll find this book useful when the discussions turn to getting good sounds out of your instruments in various environments. And if you're an aspiring producer, you HAVE to get it. It's your guide through ego, business and the nature of what you wish to do.

 Performing Arts DVD
   Music Video & Concerts
  Drawn from 25 years of feature interviews by notorious studio insider, Mr. Bonzai, and edited by Mix magazine creator, David Schwartz, Music Smarts features razor-sharp insights from the music industry's savviest artists, producers, technicians, and business execs including George Martin, Tom Petty, Phil Ramone, Brian Wilson, Jack Johnson, k.d. lang, David Foster, and Carlos Santana

Reel World
Scoring For Pictures
by Jeff Rona

Go inside the world of creating music for film and TV, focusing on key concerns such as: ensuring musical aesthetics, using the most effective technology and techniques, and understanding the business side of things. Packed with case studies and insider tips, this book lets you learn by example. Also teaches how to nurture positive relationships with music editors, directors, producers, recording engineers, musicians, music executives and more. Rona is a composer whose scores include the film White Squall and the television shows "Homicide: Life on the Street," "Chicago Hope," "Profiler," and "High Incident."


How to Make Your Band Sound Great
by Bobby Owsinski

Band basics like playing with other musicians, the equipment, hardware, and software used in today's increasingly complex technological world, and the principles of sound every musician needs to know to work at the level of a professional band.

  The Drum Recording Handbook
by Bobby Owsinski & Dennis Moody
Owsinski and Moody reveal secrets to getting outstanding drum track recordings. Interviews include Bernie Dresel, Ricky Lawson, Brian MacLeod,and Dave Weckl. You'll learn: * How to tune drums for the studio the right way, everyI time * Mic techniques for every kind of recording session, large or small * The right way to mix your drum tracks for all kinds of music genres A 90-minute companion features Steely Dan and Earth, Wind, and Fire drummer Michael White, etc

Behind the Glass
Top Record Prdoucers Tell How They Craft The Hits by Howard Massey

With Forward by George Massenburg, Daniel Lanois, T-Bone Burnett and young guns like Rafa Sardina all have one thing in common.They've all been interviewed by Howard Massey for Behind the Glass.


The Reel World: Scoring For Pictures
by Jeff Rona

For aspiring composers looking to break into the field of film scoring, it’s a long road from the blank page to hearing your music come alive on the big screen. Author Jeff Rona draws on his wealth of experience writing music for such films as Traffic, Blackhawk Down, Mission: Impossible 2, Gladiator, Thin Red Line, and more with his offering of this expanded Second Edition.


In The Studio With Michael Jackson
Bruce Swedien
By Bruce Swedien
Forewords By Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton
Hal Leonard, publisher

Five-time Grammy award winning engineer Swedien and producer Quincy Jones are known as the creative partners and architects of Jackson’s sound. The book is part anecdotal memoir, part technical reference, and paints a vivid portrayal of Jackson as an artist








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