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VIP members/studio users

Q: How do I know that an available studio is right for me?
A: studioexpresso finds available time in qualified studios according to your selected criteria. For example, you have a mix to recall and need a SSL9000J or a Neve VR console. All available rooms with the specified consoles are located and presented in a list of available studios.

Q: What other information is available on the studio?
A: Pertinent information such as room specs, general location of the studio and rates are provided on each sudio. You may secure more information by calling or e-mailing studioexpresso. Experienced professionals will assist you with booking the studio that meets your requirements.

Q: How do I send a booking request once I find a room that I like?
A: Simply select the room that meets your recording requirements and submit. We’ll verify the information and connect you to the booking party at the studio.

Q: Does it cost more to book a studio through studioexpresso?
A: NO. This service is free to all registered members who need to book a studio.

Q: How can studioexpresso offer studio deals?
A: Studios often offer discounted rates to fill up “the holes” –available rooms resulting from cancellations, schedule changes and remnant time. When studios post their book rates, you can immediately see the savings.

Q: Who are the participating studios?
A: In its initial phase studioexpresso will feature 20-30 member facilities.

Q: Can any studio post time?
A: To provide members with quality service, only qualified studios participate.

Q: Are there any penalties/late cancellation charges when a booking is cancelled or re-scheduled?
A: studioexpresso will inform you of the particular studio’s policy before you confirm your booking. We act as an information portal that connects studios and clients. Although we do not set policies, we are aware of standard policies and procedures generally practiced and will advise our members accordingly.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Membership is easy. You may sign up on-line. Your user name and password give you full access to studioexpesso services and resources 24 hrs/day, seven days/week.

Q: What if I need assistance using the studioexpresso web site?
A: studioexpresso customer care is available to assist you with any questions or requests during business hours of 9am-7pm, Monday through Friday. Toll free number is 877-645-9777

Q: Do I have to be on-line to use studioexpresso?
A: NO. You can call studioexpresso’s toll free number and talk to a booking specialist who will help you sign up. The easy system is designed to be used by member studios and their clients in the privacy of their office/home. It saves you enormous time in phone follow-ups and other administrative tasks.

Q: Is there a fee for producer/engineer/musician directory listing?
A: NO. studioexpresso offers this service free of charge to its VIP members.

Q: How do engineers/producers/musicians post their bio/credits?
A: Engineers/producers/musicians may post a short (two paragraphs) bio/history with recent production credits on the studioexpresso web site. This information can be e-mailed, mailed or faxed to studioexpresso. We may edit the contents and send it back for your approval before posting it on the site.

Q: What’s the fee to post engineer/producer/musician bio/credit?
A: As an introductory offer, studio expresso makes this service available FREE for one year for its first 100 members. As a VIP member, you benefit from the traffic to the site and can link your web site or update your information anytime. After the introductory period, the annual fee for this service is $150 per member.

Q: Are there advertising opportunities for manufacturers, vendors and service providers?
A: Limited space is available for established industry leaders to feature a new product or service. For further information and to learn more about marketing opportunities or possible strategic partnerships, contact studioexpresso.

Q: Are there opportunities to broadcast news items?
A: Member engineers, producers, musicians and studios can use the studioexpresso News page to post press releases, events and meetings free of charge. This will be a one-source on-line resource for the professional recording community.


Q: Who can become a member?
A: Membership is free to recording studios that meet the following criteria.
  • Single or multi-room project studios or commercial studios located in Claifornia
  • Offering recording, over dubbing, mixing, surround, post, scoring, mastering and pro-tooling services
  • Professionally managed and well equipped facilities with: standard formats, and technical support and service

Q: How does a studio sign up with studioexpresso?
A: It’s easy to sign up. studioexpresso does all the work. We get the studio brochure and create a profile for your approval. This allows you to access the built-in information on the web site with a click of a button. All you do is post the available time for booking as per need basis.

Q: How can I add or delete information on my studio profile?
A: Initially we’ll do that for you. We ask that you contact us to update your profile.

Q: What’s the cost to the studio to sign up?
A: It’s free to sign up and post studio time.

Q: How often can a studio post time?
A: You can post time as often as you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: What if I need to modify or edit the available time posted?
A: You can access your information readily and make the necessary changes or call us so we can do it for you.

Q: How do studios control their pricing?
A: You have 100% control over your pricing. As an added service, studioexpresso web site enables you to preset multi-tiered pricing for each room. When you post time, simply click your mouse to choose from your preset rate schedule or enter a new rate.

Q: How is the studio’s identity kept private?
A: studioexpresso recognizes the importance of privacy. Your identity is revealed only when a client match is found.

Q: Who will call me to book the room?
A: studioexpresso will contact you with booking request(s) and to verify the available studio details that you posted. To facilitate the transaction, studioexpresso will provide you with pertinent information such as: billing party, project name, engineer/producer name and contact numbers, or special recording requirements.

Q: What’s the studio spotlight?
A: Limited space is available to feature a new studio each month. Monthly fee for this space is $75. Call or e-mail for more information.

Q: Do I have to be on-line to use this service?
A: NO. We’ll create a profile of your studio for your approval and post the time for you (you can call or fax studioexpresso with the available time information).