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Klen "Shaft" Raphael




History: Simply known as Shaft, Klen "Shaft" Raphael has produced 3 tracks (Betcha She Don't Love You, Do What You Like and Right Now) featuring Carl Thomas featuring Junior Mafia on Lil Kim's last album "The Notorious Kim," and 2 on LA Bella Mafia that just drop 3/4/03 (The Intro and Heavenly Father).


Current Credits: Heavenly Father, a song produced by Shaft on Lil Kim's "La Bella Mafia" album, was quoted as the "Hip Hop Quotable" song of the month in the April 2003 issue of the Source Magazine. Song title “Between Us” on Loon’s new album self entitled "Loon" was produced by Shaft who also produces new R&B and house artists.



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