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Luizinho Mazzei
mixer / producer

“ Producing music is like watching a blank space transform into a beautiful landscape....”

New York based (São Paulo transplant) Mazzei has worked with Ricky Martin, Sebastian, Bob Keys (Rolling Stones) and slew of other artists. He believes that today’s music industry demands professional attention to detail and that's what separates the men from the boys. Mazzei who appreciates process in creating an album, says quality is crucial. He lists selecting good repertoire, lyrics, good arrangements, and rehearsals as the most important steps in pre-production before recording an album. "This careful attention to every step is crucial to set the stage for the moment in which artists enter the recording studio, giving them the confidence and tranquility necessary to express their creative side to the fullest," says Mazzei.

Every step prior to the mix means tuning, selecting the right microphones for voice or tracking. "I like to give special attention to editing, so when the project gets to the mixing stage, the songs sound almost ready," adds Mazzei.
" This allows the mix to be handled tastefully and artistically to enhance what already sounds good, as opposed to being used to fix errors committed in the recording process," he adds.
Mazzei gives his clients the option of receiving their final mixes in stem format, making it possible for the mastering sessions to be worked on in separate groups. In this case, harmonic and rhythmic sections can be handled separately during the mastering process. In the case of a live session, stem format allows the mastering engineer to handle each instrument separately.

Clients can participate in every step of the Emix, receiving files in high resolution through the client’s communication tool of choice. After the client’s final approval, material is sent out through via a disc or mail with an estimated delivery date of up to 3 business days

“Mixing in my own studio is a great advantage, since it allows me to work with comfort and tranquility. It allows me to accommodate my clients, by offering them the ideal conditions to achieve the highest quality in the final mixes. It also allows me to really polish my work, since I can create my own schedule.”

Mazzei offers mix services for online customers. For online service
or general information, requesting quotes, scheduling, questions or suggestions, please contact Mazzei via e-mail

Contact: +55 11 9.8269-0789

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