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Joel Stoner
engineer l mixer

Joel Stoner at Glenwood Place Studios

History: Joel Stoner is a multi-platinum engineer who's known not only for his quick, quality work in the control room, but also for founding AlterMedia and developing the industry leading software for studio management - Studio Suite, which is now used in about 700 studios in 38 countries.

After graduating from Berklee, Joel started engineering at The Enterprise in 1986, quickly becoming house engineer, pushing the studio up the ranks to be among the very best in Los Angeles. With the Enterprise as a launching pad, Joel has gone on to work independently in over 100 studios around the country, gaining a wide client base spanning rock, pop, new age & jazz records to jingles, TV and orchestral film soundtrack work.

Current Credits: After spending 5 years in Atlanta, Joel has recently returned to the LA area with fresh ears, and is already working on various record and film projects. Past credits include: Michael Jackson, Fishbone, Barbara Streisand, Richie Sambora, Keiko Matsui, Jermaine Dupree, David Kahne, Susanna Hoffs, Warrant, Roberta Flack, Beach Boys, Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, McDonalds, Chevrolet, AT&T, CBS, Sony, HBO, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros, Virgin, Polygram, Columbia, to name a few.

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