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JB Eckl



History: Hailing from humble roots in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, JB Eckl's musical quest has led him from the jungles of South America, to the studios of Los Angeles, to the festivals and concert halls of America, Europe, and Asia. Following in the footsteps of musical heroes who soon became his mentors, JB has honed his skills as composer, producer and performer.

After living in South America and the Caribbean in the early 90's, JB moved to LA, working as a studio guitarist and staff songwriter with a major publisher, penning songs for popular artists such as En Vogue. He soon found himself tour with the seminal '70s funk group WAR, whose pioneering multicultural sound had inspired him since childhood. The two years JB spent on the road introduced him to many legendary figures of modern music, but nothing could have prepared him for his meeting, and enduring association with, perhaps his greatest musical influence of all: Carlos Santana.

"Having the opportunity to appear on-stage and trade licks with Carlos would have been enough," says JB. Instead he ended up Co-writing a song on Santana's breakthrough '99 hit album "Supernatural," on which JB also played rhythm guitar and appeared as associate producer.

Current Credits: When the time came for the follow-up to "Supernatural," JB Co-wrote another song for Carlos, dedicated to African musical icon Fela Kuti. But this time, JB stepped up to the level of Co-producer, as well as singing the lead vocals - "a rare honor for a new artist!" says JB. The song entitled "One Of These Days," featuring fellow LA artists Ozomatli, appears on Santana's new album, "Shaman," released late October 2002. Yet another of JB's Santana songs is slated for release next year on a special Spanish-language release.

JB used the time in between Santana records to develop his career as a producer and songwriter working on various albums in Latin America, England and US. In LA he has his own state-of-the-art Pro Tools studio where he's surrounded by an international group of virtuoso musicians and collaborators who plan to perform JB's songs, under the name Heliotrope.