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David Kershenbaum
Music Executive I Producer


Multi-Platinum producer David Kershenbaum is a music executive with extensive experience and proven track record. David’s experience covers all corners of the music business from producing, mixing, arranging, major label A&R, film & TV soundtracks as well as live theater. His work with artists has garnered multiple Grammys as well as an Oscar nomination.  David has developed proven techniques that work in virtually any genre of music and is known for his ability to get emotion and feeling from performances.  He simply knows how to get the best from each artist he works with. Currently he’s actively producing new music in his newly constructed studio. 
“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to discover and work with some of the worlds finest talent. I learned so much from each of them and I am absolutely humbled at their brilliance.” 

Some songs continue to live with us for a long time. Take Hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, and Everything I do, I do it for you by Bryan Adams. Today, these songs are on your playlist with heavy rotation everywhere you go - in hotels, schools, restaurants, films, games... These hits command top value from publishers and music supervisors alike and have become the soundtrack to our lives. What do these songs have in common? Producer David Kershenbaum.

His work with artists has garnered multiple Grammys as well as an Oscar nomination. "I've developed proven techniques that work in virtually any genre of music and get emotion from performances," says Kershenbaum. He has signed or worked with Janet Jackson, Joe Jackson, Supertramp, Cat Stevens, and Tori Amos, among many others.

As a Music Supervisor, David has worked on many films. At Morgan Creek Pictures, he supervised and executive produced all of the music for the large slate of pictures, including “The Last of the Mohicans”, which soundtrack has now sold in excess of 1,800,000 units worldwide. Other films include “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure“, “Roadhouse“, “Navy Seals“, “White Sands“, “200 Cigarettes“.

Kershenbaum established his own group of companies encompassing 5 recording studios, a film music supervision division, and a music publishing company. Under this banner, he produced and recorded many projects including Kenny Loggins LP for Sony and the ground breaking new artist of the year…The Williams Brothers for Warner Brothers., as well as International phenom Josh Kadison.


Above: Kershenbaum with Tracy Chapman at Bernie Grundman Mastering


Contact: david.thevortex@gmail.com  

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