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Dave "DasKyz" Hummel

Writer / Arranger /Producer


History: Must be something in the water. Maybe thatís how a place like Virginia, a state known for breeding the smart, revolutionary type, produces a guy like Dave Hummel. When you think about it, heís in good company. First there was Washington and then Jefferson, but theyíre old news.

Todayís revolution is all about music and Dave is next in line to stake his own claim in musical territory with his fellow VA musical pioneers The Neptunes, Missy Elliot and Timbaland paving the way. Heís had the opportunity to work with all of them-Ėand the beauty of it is, they love his work. Some say itís because he thinks outside the box. The thing is, Dave doesnít have a box; he just has an honest passion with unique style and that knows no bounds. After all, thatís what talent is all about.

Best of all, heís great fun Ė a little twisted, but thatís what makes it all work. Imagine, a music producer thatís talented and fun, all at the same time. Music will never be the same. Past projects include artists: 50/50; Pretty Tony; Outsiderz 4 Life; Bell Biv DeVoe; Angela Via; N.E.R.D.; Phillies Most Wanted; Missy Elliot; Timbaland; Kelis; Men of Vision. He engineered "Touch It" for Monifah's Mo'Hogany (1998) Album which became a Top 10 Single.

Current Credits: "DasKyz" wrote and produced "Roll Back" for Kaci;s forthcoming album (2003) on Curb Records and produced Streets Is a M**** F**** for Keyshia Cole's forthcoming Album (2003) on Elliot/Interscope Records. He also wrote and produced various titles for Asheley's album on LaFamiglia Records.

Contact: Management
Jennifer G @ G Spot Entertainment 323.913.3463
Publishing: Albert "Mac" McKissack @ Ground Breaking Music 404.350.1669


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