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Christopher "DEEP" Henderson

Writer / Arranger /Producer

History: There are a thousand stories in the music business of young producers who think they have what it takes. Most of them end up with less than happy endings. For Christopher "DEEP" Henderson, "Happily Ever After", his first commercial songwriting and production effort became one of the Top 10 songs of 1999. As a result, Chris was recognized as one of the top 20 hot R&B/Hip-Hop producers by Billboard Magazine. This success story is a remarkable achievement for anyone, but for a newcomer to be honored as one of the best with their first song a smash hit out the box-the accomplishment is truly "DEEP". Many of the hottest producers around today have not been able to reach the same plateau with their first commercial release. Humble as well as talented, Chris admits that he has a long way to go before he can even consider himself in the same league as these industry players. Yet, he feels happy and blessed that his music has touched so many lives.

Growing up in the Detroit area, Chris was blessed with an abundant supply of musical talent, richly influenced by the great Motown tradition of music songwriting. He credit his early exposure to these and other musical icons, especially the ones like Stevie Wonder and Prince, who were both multi-talented musicians and songwriters/lyricists influenced Chris in his desire to create his own music. 2002 afforded him the opportunity to contribute to the historic label that had been such an influence giving Motown's newest recording artist Jene her first single "Get Into Something".

As a teenager, Chris was forming different singing groups for talent shows and performing in various R&B bands all over Detroit. While music was his first love, growing up in a family that had already produced a couple of doctors instilled a sense of purpose in attaining a solid educational background. At age 16, Chris entered college through an early entry program for gifted students. It was after he started attending Hampton University that he started to take his musical talents seriously. Whenever he shared his lyrics with friends and classmates, the usual response was, "Hmmm…that's DEEP!" After a while, what began as a typical response became a lasting nickname.

As a truly gifted lyricist, Chris possesses the uncanny ability to take common phrases and true-to-life occurrences, break them down, and recreate life experiences through music that anyone can relate to. A consummate musician/keyboardist with a smooth voice, Chris has all the skills to be a performer in his own right, but he opts to remain behind the scenes where his musical talents can truly be showcased. "I believe that one of my strengths is broad imagination," states Chris. "A producer needs to visualize what the finished product should be, and then control the chaos of a bunch of musical ideas." Chris has a musician's artistic ability combined with the technical skills of a computer programmer that is very rare in today's sample driven music scene. Whether he is making hip-hop tracks for the streets, R&B grooves for the dance floor, or sensuous love ballads for the bedroom, Chris's musical aim remains the same "to make something that people will feel - to touch the soul…DEEPLY."

Current Credits: "Deep" has the current single out now with Jene on Motown "Get Into Something" and recently finished recording with Tommy Mottola's new Epic artist Stephanie Rae.

Contact: Management
Jennifer G @ G Spot Entertainment 323.913.3463
Publishing: EMI Publishing 310-586-2700 contact Big Jon or Benjamin Groff.


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