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Michael Patterson



History/Discography: Michael mixed BRMC for Virgin and produced O.P.M. for Atlantic and mixed the new BECK album, “Midnite Vultures”, for interscope.



Current credits: Patterson is currently producing NU for Adventure Records and he just mixed SOUL KID #1 for Dreamworks. He also just completed mixing ILL KIDD for Columbia, mixing DAVID HOLMES for 13 Amp and producing OPM for Atlantic. Other recent projects include producing BEND for Roadrunner, co-producing and mixing CUSTOM for ARTISTDirect. Recent mixes include LITTLE T AND ONE TRACK MIKE for Lava, JENNIFER LOPEZ for Sony/Epic, ADDIS BLACK WIDOW for Instant Karma, mixing BRMC for Virgin, JON B for ERG, producing O.P.M. for Atlantic and mixed the Grammy nominated BECK album, "Midnite Vultures", for Interscope.



Contact: Sandy Roberton at Worlds End
(+1) 323 965-1540


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