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Dan Gellert

Mixer / Producer / Engineer

History: Gellert received a Grammy Award for his work on Joe Jackson's album Symphony 1 which he recorded, mixed and associate produced. Before heading to Los Angeles in 2003 to continue work as an independent, Dan was the chief recording engineer at Vulcan Inc. "Working with Paul Allen, I have a greater understanding and sensitivity of the convergence of media, technology and creative skills," says Gellert.

Dan holds a degree in music from Indiana University's School of Music where his training began. "I was in the Audio Technology program that consisted of recording all the various School Music events -- Symphony Orchestras, Opera, Jazz bands, college rock/pop bands, and solo recitals, " says Dan. From internship to assistant engineering to independent engineering projects, Dan has worked in some of the world's best commercial studios like Howard Schwartz Recording and Avatar Studios (formerly Power Station) in New York. He was quickly recruited to join Power Station Studios in New York, which focused on his greater interest, music recording. This gave Dan the opportunity to experience working with many high-profile engineers, producers, musicians and artists. "This experience was invaluable for the opportunity to take the best characteristics from a large pool of talented professionals. Plus I enjoy working in variety of music genres - rock, progressive, techno, folk, orchestral, jazz, rap, and pop sessions," says Dan. Past clients include: Pat Metheny, Ivan Neville, The Golden Palominos, Laura Nyro, Dr. John, Tonic, Placido Domingo, Snoop Dogg, The Band, Britney Spears and Erykah Badu.

Dan is a big fan of mixing best of both worlds -- he likes to use vintage consoles and classic analog gear as well as large format digital consoles and digital workstations like Pro Tools. Additionally he's Actively involved in 5.1 surround sound mixing for DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and SACD.
He has recorded the theme from "Mission Impossible" for Paramount Pictures and mixed music for film, "The Apostle" / October Films / Robert Duvall - director

Current Credits: Dan worked with Robbie Robertson on The Last Waltz released in CD, DVD, and Film last year to great reviews from both old-time fans of The Band and the media. He also mixed Women Gather, the newest album from Sweet Honey In The Rock which has also gotten lots of praise.

Contact: Dan Gellert
131 N. Hamilton Drive #205 § Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(323) 651-4305


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