It's A WonderWorld!

When you think of wonderful studios, it's usually the vibe, the gear and the people behind it. WonderWolrd is brainchild of Grammy and Emmy-nominated recording engineer/mixer/producer Clark Germain (U2, Herbie Hancock, Dave Koz, Counting Crows, David Benoit). Having been spoiled by working in top-notch facilities throughout the world, Germain wanted a place of his own where he could serve his clients with more moderate budgets.

Most agee as more and more albums are mixed in Pro Tools from people's bedrooms and other untreated spaces, the accepted level of quality has decreased significantly. "I wanted to create an environment where I could turn out mixes of the quality I was accustomed and not be so governed by budgetary constraints," says Germain.

After finding the proper space, Clark shared his ideas with some of the people he trusted with facilities where he enjoyed working in. "Walter Sear of Sear Sound in New York, is one of the best sounding rooms in the world in my opinion, who was particularly helpful," says Germain who sought out George Augsperger to do the acoustical design. "As I was in the beginning phases of the control room construction a neighbor stopped by my home to speak to me about a classic Mini Cooper I had parked outside my house.

This neighbor turned out to be none other than renowned studio designer Vincent Van Haaff of Waterland Design. After a bit of neighborly coaxing he agreed to take a look at my plans. He gave me some wonderful ideas which I have implemented into the final design," adds Germain.



David Benoit (seated) and Dave Koz with Clark Germain at WonderWorld

Having a large format analogue console (48 input AMEK 2500a) for summing and the powerful editing and automation of Pro Tools HD with Apogee DA and AD 16x converters, gives WonderWorld a system that encompasses the best of both worlds.

Add to that a complement of classic tube and solid state out-board-gear, reverbs, and microphones and, and Germain's original idea has been realized.

For gear connoisseur's, the room comes with NEVE and Neuman eq's, compressors, and mic pre's; Pultec tube pre/eq, Gates tube, DBX Audio Design and Altec tube compressors. Add to this the studio standard effects like
Emt 250 Reverb, Sony V77 Reverb, Quantec QRS XL Reverb, Studio technologies AN2 and PCM 42s and you've got yourself a Wonderworld!

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