Viva The Studios At The Palms !

When the Maloof Brothers decided to open Sin City's first world-class studio, they had a plan. They would build a 40-floor tower with twelve luxurious suites (some featuring private pools) to draw some of the world's top entertainers. Then they would have these luxury suites ‘wired’ to the studio for the convenience of recording clients staying at the resort. There are portable DAW based recording stations that can be brought to a guest’s room for a more private recording experience.

The Palms Casino Resort provides, as part of it’s expansion to the resort, a level of technical sophistication and client comfort unparalleled in the Las Vegas area.

The facility offers two studios. Studio X, the large tracking room offers an AMS-Neve VR Legend (outboard mic pres include eight each vintage Neve 1081s and 1084s, and pres from GML, API and Martinsound), and encompasses nearly 1,500 total square feet including the control room (1,000 square feet of that are the tracking spaces).

The mixing room, studio Y, houses an SSL 9000K, 80 Input mixing desk. The acoustically identical control room and a mid sized overdub booth will be available primarily for mixing. Booths on both sides of the main tracking area, can "comfortably" accommodate a goboed-off grand piano or drum kit.

As it is an integral part of The Palms Casino and Resort, the studio offers client amenities making the Studio at The Palms a uniquely desirable destination. Luxury suites house swimming pool, a basketball [half] court, and even a regulation bowling alley (Kingpin Suite).
The Ghost Bar Suite is a replica in color and style to the Ghost Bar that's on the roof of the first tower.

Add to this list some of the most sought-after outboard gear including ProTool HD systems, with Apogee converters and microphones --AKG, Neumann (the classic U67 and U47), the Telefunken 251, and Sennheiser, Sony -- and one of the best staff in the world, and you spell service with a capital "S".

"We're really excited about the addition of the Brauner VM1A microphone provided by Transaudio/Las Vegas Pro Audio (Brad Lunde's Las Vegas equipment distributorship and retail arm)," says Thrall.

The facility houses a wide selection of instruments and amps, including a 7-foot Baldwin acoustic piano.



Tony Maserati with Zoe Thrall in studio Y

The Maloof brothers -- Joe, Gavin, George and Phil -- hope to expand their golden touch in live entertainment to film, television and music with Maloof Prods and the Interscope Records-based Maloof Music label Their new signing, "Spit Fiya," is a 22 year old rapper from Compton, CA. The CD is distributed by Interscope. The Maloofs' strategy is largely one of synergy and cross-promotion: Their label's music will be featured in their production company's movies, which will premiere at the Palms.

When studioexpresso met with manager Zoe Thrall late September, she told us how amazed she is to see the speed at which buildings are erected in Vegas. After managing top facilities like Power Station, Avatar and Hit Factory, Zoe was the natural choice for The Studios At The Palms.

"We were especially sensitive to artist privacy. The studio located on the third floor has separate parking and entrance from the main hotel/casino," says George Maloof.

According to the topflight manager, the technical crew is from the Big Apple, including the chief tech, Brent Spear, formerly of The Hit Factory where he served for 11 years. Experienced assistant engineers were also brought in.

Francis Manzella Design Ltd were hired to oversee the design and building of the 8,000 sqf facility housing two studios. Thrall is pleased with the control room monitors--the studio in-wall version of Griffin Audio's ( high-resolution speaker system--co-designed by Manzella and his partner at Griffin.

Jeff Bova, Zoe Thrall, Fran Manzella

The hotel has two top clubs, several world-class restaurants and the newest addition will be a 2,200 seat music venue. Alongside clients traveling to the facility, Vegas headliners are expected to be part of the clientele.

"Vegas is in Vogue again for major entertainers. Now they have a world-class studio to come to," says Thrall.

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