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studio spotlight
Compass Point
studio in paradise ....the sunshine and serenity are complimentary!

Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, have been the "Home Studio to the Stars" now for twenty-five years.

Located 10 miles west of the City of Nassau on the Island of New Providence, The Bahamas, the studios are situated right on the beach, with beautiful ocean views always available.

Rise in the morning for a swim in the warm tropical waters. Stroll or jog along a beautiful beach. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast under a palm covered verandah. Then make the short walk to one of the world's most famous, spacious and well-equipped studios to begin your day's work.

Equipment ranges from the coolest vintage gear to the latest hard disk recorders, and the staff is well known for its professionalism and "know how" to service a session! Control Room A houses a NEVE V-3 48 input, 48 buss and studio B offers an SSL 4048 48 input, 32 buss, G computer, E & G series equalisers. Digidesign ProTools MixPlus and Analog Studer A-800 Mk III 24 tracks are on hand. Add to this a nice gear list, Microphone collection and Oceanside Rentals can provide additional gear per request.

In the late '70's and mid 80's, Compass Point established itself as one of the great recording studios of the world. Artists came from around the world to record in the Bahamas. Many major producers utilised the facilities, including Chris Blackwell himself, in his role as record producer.

The resulting records sold in the many millions of copies worldwide. AC/DC's Back In Black, widely regarded as the penultimate, and largest selling, hard rock album of all time, was just one of the many great albums recorded at Compass Point Studios. Some of the well known artists who were a part of early Compass Point were: The Rolling Stones, U2, Robert Palmer, The B-52's, Talking Heads, Dire Straits, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mick Jagger, Whitesnake, Status Quo, Tom Tom Club, Madness, Spandau Ballet, Third World, Grace Jones, Joe Cocker, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Eurythmics, Julio Iglesias, Power Station, Roxy Music, Thompson Twins, Wings, Julian Lennon, Bad Company, Average White Band, Carly Simon, and many others.




In the 90's, producer Chris Blackwell brought in Terry and Sherrie Manning, owners and operators of a successful recording studio and video production house in the US, to oversee all aspects of Compass Point Studios. Terry is a well known record producer and engineer; Sherrie is likewise a respected film and video producer.

Upon their arrival in late 1992, Terry and Sherrie Manning began a serious campaign to restore Compass Point to prominence. Under their direction, both of the large studios were torn apart, and completely rewired with the latest state-of-the art components. Major redecoration took place and hundreds of thousands of dollars of new equipment got purchased and installed.

Recent clients include: Shania Twain, Enrique Iglesias, The Tragically Hip, Shakira, Robbie Williams, Venice, Bahamen, Backstreet Boys, Nas, Missy Elliot, Little Kim, Alan Jackson, Crash Test Dummies, Julio Iglesias, Liz Phair, Shania Twain, The Rembrandts, Nine Inch Nails, Wynonna Judd, Edna Swap and many others.

Should a Compass Point Studios client desire the very finest in accommodation, those wishes can be fulfilled to the utmost. Nassau has some of the most prestigious private homes in the world, with many located on large private beachfront. Amenities may extend to the ultimate, with full household staff and security, and access to private golf course.

Compass Point Studios also have excellent connections with yacht hire and private jet charter services.

Your meals can be prepared by the finest French or Italian chefs. Your rented villa may include heated swimming pools, private tennis courts, personal gym, or many other special amenities. Those who like to check the nearby hotels will find a great selection and for the more budget conscious, condos are availiable nearby, some right across the street!

To top this off, Sherrie is offering a summer special for bookings during the months of June and July 2003 -to learn more, give her a call!

"Come and bring your family for a Bahamas vacation while you become part of our famous music legacy," says the gracious studio manager.

Compass Point studio manager : Sherrie Manning
(242) 327-8282
(242) 327-7582

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