Star City Recording (previously Angel Mountain Productions) Offers Superb Music Production Services and Office Space For Music/Film Community
Under New Management

photos on this page by: Rick Schoustal

Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Series console in
the Tracking and Mixing room at Angel Mountain

Star City Recording studio Complex is located in Bethlehem, PA and features multi-room studios to include three world-class 5.1 audio control rooms, soffitted Quested monitors, and the new SSL XL 9000K mixing console. Add to this, complete Scoring Stage, THX-Certified Mix Theatre, Foley Studio & Corporate Media Development Suites, and you might as well be in a one-stop shop studio paradise!

(l-r) Lily Salinas, Chick Corea, Tom Emmi

The facility, built from the ground up with the most painstaking attention to both technical and architectural detail, has already taken its place as one of the largest and most encompassing audio post-production facilities in the country.

The studios were designed to house a full-service music and audio post facility with a high degree of flexibility. Particular attention is paid to synergies between adjacent spaces that could encourage efficient workflow and offer new opportunities for audio production to emerge.

The facility under new management (
Jeff Glixman Executive Vice President and Carl Cadden-James VP of Production/ Engineer), covering 18,000 sq. ft., is fully encompassing with respect to audio post-production services being intertwined within a unique architectural design and superior quality construction. This creative and noteworthy design concept is being directed by Martin Pilchner of Pilchner-Schoustal International, Inc.

Designed to be one of the premier studios in the country, Star City's main mixing and tracking room features a Solid State Logic XL 9000 K Series console and a scoring stage capable of accommodating a 50-piece orchestra.

Star City's audio post room, geared for film and television work, is attached to a 21' x 17' Foley studio, which can also be utilized as a smaller tracking studio. Another one of the 5.1 control rooms is primarily a Pro Tools HD-based audio editing suite with a Control 24 surface. All three of these control rooms, which are capable of SACD and DVD remixes in 5.1, feature soffitted Quested monitors and automatic drop-down screens with built-in rear projectors to accommodate lock-to-picture requirements.

Another unique attraction at Star City Recording is the well-appointed 30' x 40' THX Certified Mix Theatre, 6.1 Dolby Digital EX multi-channel format. Possessing a 13' x 24' projection screen, this theatre seats over 30 people and features a Harrison Series 12 mixing console with 48 faders and 96 inputs.

Also found on site at Star City are composition and sound design suites. These are dedicated suites for the creation of musical scores, orchestration and sound effects to accompany film, television, video and commercial advertisement presentations. Angel Mountain also has qualified composers on staff to contribute to projects as needed.

Creating media suites was another aspect that was pertinent in the construction of Star City. With a full range of capabilities from script to screen, the video edit suites are equipped with Cinewave RT Pro and Avid systems, which allow for uncompressed video editing. Adobe After Effects, Lightwave 3D and many other essential programs are also utilized at Angel Mountain for the creation of promotional, instructional and training videos, digital media presentations (CD-ROM, DVD), and commercial television advertisements.




Nathan Lee Jackson (above), a young, aspiring country singer with a flair for songwriting, recently signed with StarCity Productions, led by music industry veteran Jeff Glixman and partner Jim Gentile. Jackson is currently working with Glixman on his first album for StarCity Productions

"Aside from the cutting edge array of technical attributes tat StarCity Recording Company, a state-of-the-art, world-class recording studio located in Bethlehem, PA.
o our facility, the next key factor was to create an environment that would foster creativity as well as empower us to facilitate and manage larger workloads at one time," says..."We wanted to build a facility that would allow us to broaden our client base, while playing on our close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia, which is another attractive aspect- we are only a one-hour drive from both of these major cities. We are situated in a beautifully landscaped environment where our clients can reap the benefits of greater economic efficiencies and be awarded a world-class facility. Simply put, Angel Mountain is a very appealing alternative to the exorbitant costs and fast-paced nature of the big cities."

scoring stage capable of accommodating a 50-piece orchestra

Star City's forward thinking was also manifested in their storage solutions. The facility is utilizing Studio Network Solutions® fibre channel technology, allowing multiple users to have concurrent access to centralized storage. This means that a client won't have to move an entire hard drive system if they want to work in a different studio. And because Studio Network Solutions'® A/V SAN PRO™ eliminates almost all DAE and I/O-related PCI bus errors, system crashes are minimized, which ultimately saves the client time and money.

Legendary jazz trombonist Bill Watrous is among artists who recorded at this facility. Described by jazz writers as "one of the finest bop-oriented trombonists of the past 30 years," Watrous' innovative work spans almost 4 decades and includes recordings for Columbia, Famous Door, Soundwings, GNP Crescendo as well as placements in the top ten Billboard Jazz albums.

Bill was joined at the session by the Rob Stoneback Band, a highly acclaimed jazz big band that has performed and toured extensively throughout the northeastern parts of the U.S. Rob's 18-piece band can be likened to the sounds of some of the most renowned jazz orchestras from the big band era such as Count Basie or the Glen Miller Orchestra.

The purpose of the exhaustive and productive session was to record 14 new tracks for the Rob Stoneback Band's upcoming CD, upon which Watrous will serve as the featured soloist. Watrous came away highly impressed with the all-new facility. Although he has performed and recorded in some of the finest studios in the country, Watrous commented that Star City was "above and beyond anything I have ever seen as far as studios are concerned."

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Jeff Glixman or Lily Salinas, Director of Studio Operations
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Reception area features a 20' waterfall wall