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Nov 2002
Welcome to SE community and industry news!
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Past interviews include:

Ken Allardyce - Sarm West, UK
Chris Fogel - Fig, Glendale, CA
Greg Ladanyi - Tidal Wave Sound, Studio City, CA
Joseph Magee - O'Henry Studios, Burbank, CA
Michael C Ross - Royaltone Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Tolbert & Sutton - Studio Atlantis, Hollywood, CA
Rafa Sardina - Abbey Road, UK

Billboard charts
Top 100 Positions /Issue Date:Nov 23, 2002

Welcome to "Express Tour" of following world-class studios
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Studio Spotlight - November

Band ENDO with engineer Dave Schiffman working in Chalice Studio A
(photo: David Goggin)

Welcome to Chalice Studios
New LA facility busy with sessions!

World-class studios featuring SSL 9000J, Neve 88R and Yamaha DM2000 recently hosted great sessions...studio A (SSL) where Band ENDO with engineer Dave Schiffman and Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda working on Tom Jones' new album . From Zero (Arista Records) with Producer/engineer Warren Riker and hip-hop artists including Mystic and Mos Def have been mixing in studio B featuring the Neve.

Take an SE express tour or call: Ben Tao or manager Stacey Dodds at 323.957.7100 to get the grand tour.


Andy Brauer Guitar Rentals -- Michael Schenker's famous Gibson Flying V guitars are now available exclusively from Andy Brauer!
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The Hit Factory orders a Third SSL XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue Console for Studio 3 at its New York facility.

Pictured is Hit Factory CEO Troy Germano, standing at one of the studio's XL consoles.

The Hit Factory's goal was to have a balance in the New York facility with three 80 input XLs and three 80 input Js, offering clients an even higher level of recording quality, speed and flexibility.

The Hit Factory's Studio 3 is primarily used for stereo mixing and 5.1 projects, and CEO Germano believes that the new XL 9000 K will be as successful in Studio 3 as it is in the new Studios 6 and 7. Studio 3's console changeover will begin in late December and the room will open on Monday, January 6, 2003.

"Our clients love the console, the speed of the mixing features and its inherent SuperAnalogue sound, which were major factors in our purchasing decision. Another significant reason was SSL's announcement at the AES Convention of the console's ability to export mixes back to the J Series, which now gives us true compatibility between all six 9080 J and XL 9000 rooms."says Troy Germano, CEO of The Hit Factory.

SSL's 4 Refugee Camp at home or on the road

L-R: Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda in Chalice Studio A, Los Angeles (photo: David Goggin)

Super-producers Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda known as Refugee Camp are literally drenched in platinum projects - Sinead O'Connor, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Mary J. Blige, Mya, Destiny's Child and Carlos Santana, to name a few.

To keep this incredible momentum up and to keep up with sheer demand, the decision was made to make their New York City studio, Platinum Sound. "Basically, New York City is where the business is at," claims Jean. "We found ourselves doing a lot of recording in New Jersey and a lot in New York, so we decided to build our own facility in New York because everyone is already there and that makes life easier for us."

The duo who spent some time at Los Angeles' Chalice Studios 9000J room and recently purchased a SSL's new XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue console, which will be installed at Platinum's second room this fall.

The production team with their "home" project studio and record labels named Booga Basement and Clef Records feel that the choice of SSL console will help them with their vision of the future "because we are looking at many types of media production to include DVD and surround mixes for film and TV," says Wonda.


AMS NEVE DFC and 88R Consoles dominate sound for latest James Bond Thriller "Die Another Day"

R- John Hayward, Chief Mixer in Pinewood's Theatre 1, preparing for the final mix on the NEVE DFC

UK - Pinewood Studios' DFC being chosen to do the final mix and the 88R at AIR Studios scored the soundtrack produced by Eon Productions, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

:"The DFC does everything I want it to very successfully. There is no doubt
in my mind that the beneficial feature of the DFC when mixing Bond will be
the extensive use of the 'sweet spot'," Hayward said. "With so many tracks (up to
72 for explosives and debris alone) you need to be able to have all the
tracks loaded and be able to select any permutation of eight in front of you
at any given moment, without having to roll up and down the console to
control them."

London's AIR Studios was the first choice for Geoff Foster when he was
chosen to score Die Another Day. Foster scored the previous two Bond movies
on Neve VR consoles so it was only fitting that he returned to his "favorite
room" which is now equipped with an 88R.

soundtrack (click the image)

The 88R is recording and mixing the film's soundtrack that includes the title track by Madonna and a variety of contemporary orchestral sounds.

"The 88R is definitely the greatest sounding modern desk around - I love the
sound of the channels and the Neve remote mic pre amps. We're mixing in 5.1
and are certainly going to make use of all 96 channels - we've also got AIR'
s AMS Neve Libra on standby to which we can link the 88R solo system and
extend the channel capacity" says Foster.

Prairie Sun Recording (link to SE spotlight) upgrades and helps out artists on a budget

Living at the Ranch while working on your project offers an environment of creativity, and focus unsurpassed in achieving that "Great Performance" in the recording studio.
Welcome to Prairie Sun in beautiful Cotati (Sonoma Coutny) California.

With the support of Neve guru Geoff Tanner of Phoenix Audio International, Prairie Sun has opened its second AMS/Neve tracking room, which features a Neve 8024 console loaded with 24 1073 mic pres, 24-monitor inputs and eight aux sends.

The control room also features a Studer A80 2-inch analog tape machine with 24- or 16-track head stacks. Located in between and with access to the "Waiting Room" and the "Prairie" live chamber, the new tracking room is intended to "provide a real analog alternative to hard-disk project studios, for artists on a budget."
More gear...the studio has acquired a Glyph Ultra Trip system with an AIT 2 backup drive, CD burner and 18 Gb hot-swappable hard drives for its main Digidesign Pro Tools Mix Plus system, which has also recently been upgraded to a Cube system. The studio's second Pro Tools system has been upgraded to a Mix with two additional DSP farms. The new Furman HDS-16 headphone system has also been installed in Prairie Sun's tracking rooms and live chambers, giving up to eight independent headphone mixes that the artists can mix themselves.
In recent sessions at Prairie Sun, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band mixed an upcoming Atlantic release in Studio B with producer Craig Street and engineer Husky Hoskulds. Susana Baca for Luaka Bop also recently worked at Prairie Sun, with Street and Hoskulds. Studio A's newly installed SSL 4080 E/G, G+/TR 80-input console was also used to mix the new Shrapnel Records release from U.F.O. with Grammy-winning engineer Steve Fontano and co-producer Mike Varney. The album was tracked in Prairie Sun's Studio B.

For booking, on-site accommodations or more info e-mail or call: Mark "Mooka" Rennick
at 707-795-7011 PSR web site

Dr. Dre to Tyra Banks to River City High...celebs are flocking to Track Record Studios in North Hollywood to track, mix and produce new songs.

(l to r): producer Lauren Christy, producer Scott Spock, producer Graham Edwards, engineer Paul Lani, and assistant engineer Eric Williams. Seated (l to r): guitarist Mark Avery, drummer Jay McMillan, guitarist Bobby Raw, and bassist James Menefee
(Photo: Alan Morphew).

Dr. Dre and Redman were on hand to collaborate on a new track, "Flow Pedico," on the studio's 9000 J console in Track Record's North Studio, as was Dave Fortman, of Stephen Perkins fame, to produce and overdub the song "Bring Me To Life" for the major label debut of indie goth-rock group Evanescence.

Members of production group The Matrix (Christina Aguilera, Avril Levigne) produced new songs for North Carolina-based River City High in the North Studio. Engineer Paul Lani, who previously worked with Megadeth, tracked and mixed the songs on the 9000 J.

Supermodel Tyra Banks also turned her talents to song, recording the song "Best Friends" in Track Record's South Studio with producer Mike City (Brandy).

For more information about Track Record Studios or for booking inquiries, please contact Studio Manager Al Morphew at 818-761-0511.


Westlake - homebase for Gatica.

(From left to right): Engineer Chris Brooke, Singer/Songwriter Alejandro Sanz and Producer/Engineer Humberto Gatica proudly display their plethora of Latin Grammy's after the awards ceremony this fall.

"Westlake Audio is my choice for a home base because you can always get the sound you are looking for and the staff treats you like family. Simply put, when you spend half your life working in a room, you need to feel comfortable with the equipment and the people. The Westlake team cares about me and my projects, and that's what keeps me coming back,"
says Gatica (Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Chicago, Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Robert Palmer, to name a few).
Gatica received three Grammys, one for Best Rock Album, La Ley's "MTV Unplugged," and two with Sanz for Record of the Year and Album of the Year.

A world-class recording facility, Westlake Audio, with two locations, has a total of seven rooms fully equipped with Solid State Logic and Neve consoles, Westlake monitors and an abundance of outboard gear. For more information contact VP of recording services Steve Burdick or booking manager Charity Lomax at:(323) 851 9800 Fax: (323) 851 9386

Producer Profiles

Raphael Saadiq, producer/songwriter/musician

With his first-ever solo album release, INSTANT VINTAGE, Saadiq is the writer-producer behind such stellar hits as Angie Stone's "Brotha" and D'Angelo's "Lady" and the Grammy Award-winning "Untitled," among numerous immortal R&B tracks he's produced for others likes of Babyface...

Joe Chiccarelli, mixer/engineer/producer

Multi-Grammy winner Chiccarelli is responsible for capturing some of modern times beloved sounds. As a producer/mixer/engineer he has worked with an impressive group of artists to include: Elton John, Beck, U2...

Brad Haehnel, engineer/mixer/producer

Brad's been busy in 2002. He has recorded and mixed 6 film scores including "Ararat" directed by award-winning director Aton Egoyan and the Denzel Washington's upcoming directorial debut "The Antwone Fisher Story" and Both films were composed by Mychael Danna. This year Brad mixed "Barenaked" by Jennifer Love Hewitt; "The Detour Home" by indie Canadian artist Scott Merritt and UK artist Ashton Lane on the single release of "Yesterday's Too Late." Read More...

Speaking of film... check out Mr Bonzai Film Fetival

SE pick is Vanessa Carlton's short in the studio during the recording of her now Platinum cd "Thousand Miles/Twilight Live" for A&M with producer Ron Fair. Michael C Ross recorded/mixed tracks for this album.

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Dec 13-14




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4th Annual International Surround Conference and Showcase &
First Annual Surround Music Awards

Beverly Hilton Hotel, Bev Hills, CA

Register online: http://www.surroundpro.comExhibitor info: contact Katie Conover at (212) 378-0468 or by email kconover@uemedia.com

Upcoming Grammy Events

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Labels & Artist News

Men of Steal

After a fab year of Toxicity and a summer with Ozzfest, all systems are go with System of A Down. The band to finish a new album, "Steal this Album" by year end (songs from the Toxicity sessions leaked on the web). Additionally, leadman Serj Tankian has launched a new label Surjical Strike.

Projects include: Britpop start-ups Slow Motion Reign (pictured above) with Tankian producing, Goth rockers Kittens for Christian, debut for Bad Acid Trip with Systems guitarist Malakian producing and Tankian re-mixing. Meanwhile Tankian completes a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan dubbed "Serart."

New label aimed to expose the world to good music.

Pete Yorn has teamed with Wallflowers keyboard player Rami Jaffee to start a new independent label dubbed Trampoline Records. The label's purpose "is to expose the world to good music," according to a note on the label's official website.
The Los Angeles-based effort made its debut in September with the various-artists collection Trampoline Records Greatest Hits, Vol 1. The disc boasts new songs from Yorn, the Sake Sushi Orchestra (Jaffe's side-gig with fellow Wallflowers members), the Minus 5 featuring R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, and a collaboration between Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan and rock photographer Mark Seliger.
Others on the L.A.-centric collection include Minibar, Peter Himmelman, Gingersol, and the Jukebox Junkies, the latter fronted by the third co-founder of Trampoline, Marc Dauer.
Meanwhile, Jaffee and Wallflowers bassist Greg Richling have also produced a batch of songs from the aforementioned Brit-gone-L.A. band, Minibar. The Unstoppable E.P. is currently available only through the group's live performances. Minibar's 2001 debut album, Road Movies, was produced by T-Bone Burnett.
The Wallflowers return with their fourth album, Red Letter Days. Yorn is currently on tour in the U.K. in support of his debut album, Musicforthemorningafter.

The Neptunes are one of today's most successful hip-hop production teams. Over the last five years, they have worked with Jay-Z, Mystikal, Noreaga, Kelis, Mary J Blige, Usher and No Doubt. The Neptune duo of Pharrell and Chad recently joined up with their friend Shay to introduce N*E*R*D and the album IN SEARCH OF…. The album mixes everything from hard hip-hop beats to black psychedelic pop to classic rock to new wave.

N*E*R*D wins, Iggy jams.
N*E*R*D was awarded the Shortlist Prize for Artistic Achievement in Music on Oct. 29th at Los Angeles' Henry Fonda Theatre. The group, fronted by ubiquitous producers the Neptunes, was recognized for its debut Virgin album, "In Search Of...." The act was one of three of the 10 finalists who performed at the second annual ceremony, and was upstaged only by a surprise appearance from Iggy Pop. Last year's inaugural Shortlist prize went to Icelandic rock act Sigur Ros, which won $10,000 and had a matching amount donated to the Sept. 11 charity of its choice. For its prize, N*E*R*D was awarded $3,000 each from TowerRecords.com and Guitar Center. DJ Shadow, Flaming Lips, Bjork also Made the Shortlist Cut. Read more...

The winner was selected by a group of 24 listmakers, including U2's Larry Mullen, Alanis Morissette, Beck, Jill Scott, filmmakers Baz Luhrmann and Spike Jonze, and journalist Greg Kot. For more information, visit the Shortlist Web site.

TOP signings

l-r: TOP at HOB and manager Michelle Zarin surrounded by WM booking agent and wife.

Former Epic Records senior VP of A&R Michael Caplan and former Reciprocal and a2b executive Larry Miller have teamed in forming Called Or Music, a new label distributed by RED and aimed at a 25-plus demographic. First signings include Tower Of Power, female singer Essence, and Texas group Los Lonely Boys.

TOP fans will be happy to know that Rocco's recovery from surgery has been steady, to date. To learn more or help click here.
This is no joke. Spotted in K-Mart by musician, Bugs Beddow, you can now get some Tower of Power mints. Unfunk your breath with Tower of Power mints!

Sony Music Entertainment has linked with Pepsi-Cola North America in previewing songs by top Sony acts on Pepsi radio commercials ahead of their release to radio. Pepsi will also sponsor music tv specials starring Sony artists.

BMG is supporting Westlife's "Greatest Hits" album with a novel mobile phone messaging campaign whereby mobile phone users who send a text message answer to a question about the band will get a call-back with a preview of the band's new track "Written in the Stars," along with entry into a contest.

Artist ON DEMAND Available in December

Musicmatch ®, the global leader in personalized music software and services, today announced it has obtained non-exclusive licensing agreements from BMG, EMI Recorded Music (EMI), Universal Music Group (UMG) and Warner Music Group (WMG). The agreements will allow MUSICMATCH to offer each label's digital catalog through its new online subscription service, Artist ON DEMAND.

Launching in December, Artist ON DEMAND is a new interactive streaming service that will give users the ability to enjoy instant playlists composed of artists of their choice. The new service offers a unique and compelling alternative to today's music download services.

Dennis Mudd, Musicmatch CEO

"Musicmatch is thrilled to offer music from four of the major labels in a new, personalized way," said Dennis Mudd, Musicmatch CEO. "These agreements allow us to broaden the variety and scope of our music catalog, creating new business opportunities for Musicmatch, as well as recording artists, music labels and other copyright owners."

EMI Recorded Music has offered for purchase thousands of variably priced tracks via distribution partners including Alliance Entertainment Corp., Ecast, FullAudio, Liquid Audio, Listen.com's Rhapsody, MusicNet, Pressplay, Roxio, and Streamwaves. Pressplay, incidentally, has now secured content from Warner Music Group giving it music from all five major labels, joining Rhapsody as the only sub services to have deals with the big five. Rhapsody, incidentally, will be distributed by Cablevision's broadband arm Optimum Online as Optimum Online Rhapsody; fellow cable giant Charter Communications has likewise

linked with FullAudio to distribute the sub service through its digital entertainment programming site Charterzone.

Listen.com has launched Version 2.0 of its Rhapsody subscription service
The on-demand streaming and Internet radio programming to include burning of tracks at 99 cents apiece--from UMG and WMG, along with TVT, Sanctuary, and 16 more indie labels. The service, which is the only one offering content from all five majors, will also be accessible now from any PC.

Movies - big in box office and spirit!

8 Mile scored big with Eminem acting debut, as it opened at No. 1 on the box office charts with a $54.5 million first weekend take. Even bigger was Harry Potter with 87 Mill for its opening weekend.

"Ararat" opened in select theaters this weekend -- story about truth and denial, starring Bruce Greenwood, Charles Aznavour, Eric Bogosian (Sex Drugs & Rock 'n Roll), Marie-Josée Croze, Arsinée Khanjian, Elias Koteas, Christopher Plummer.
From leading Canadian director Atom Egoyan comes the stunning new film. The soundtrack, composed by Mychael Danna, boasts a score as powerful and emotional as the film. Featuring Armenian chants intricately woven with dramatic instrumentals, Danna's work evokes the personal tone of the film in this truly haunting and beautiful soundtrack with
engineer/mixer Brad Haehnel.

Jurrasic 5

The Bands. The Buzz. The Biz.
More than 10,000 music professionals, artists and fans converged on New York City for 2002 CMJ Music Marathon. In addition to keynote speakers and live performances, the event featured dozens of panels covering topics affecting all corners of the music industry. At night, thousands of bands performed at clubs throughout the city. Also look up CMJ Film Fest.

Sennheiser on Santana - Shaman!

l-r: Chester Thompson, keyboardist for Santana; Carlos Santana; Chris Garcia, recording engineer; Jim Gaines; and Rick Nowels songwriter/producer, mixing "The Game of Love" at Fantasy Studios. (photo: Mac Cady of OLA.TV)

Released on October 22, Santana's "Shaman" has soared to the top of the Billboard Album chart and ranks #1 on the Internet sales chart! In the first week of sales, "Shaman" has sold over four times the first week total of "Supernatural." Carlos' 1999 mega-hit, "Supernatural" garnered eight Grammy Awards and is the #1 best selling album of the SoundScan era, having been certified 14-times platinum in the U.S. alone!

Introduced at the end of September, the first single from the album, "The Game of Love," featuring 20-year-old singer Michelle Branch, became an instant best seller. In order to meet the high standard that Santana set on his previous release, Chris Garcia (Cindy Lauper, Dido and Jewel) one of the main engineers on the hit single, reports that he relied almost exclusively on vintage and contemporary Neumann and Sennheiser microphones.

"The Game of Love" was co-produced and co-written by ex-New Radicals frontman Gregg Alexander and Rick Nowels (Madonna, Dido, Jewel, Celine Dion), and recorded at Nowels' private studio in Santa Monica, California. "I used a Neumann U 67 on Michelle Branch," recalls Garcia, who selected the microphone for its ability to best capture her vocal performance. "She sounds fabulous. She's a really good singer. We used all Neumann U 87s on all of the horns," he says. The U 87 has been an industry standard since its introduction in 1967. Its warm sound and well-balanced character making it well suited not only to brass instruments but also vocals, piano, percussion and orchestra.

Sennheiser microphones handled the drum overheads, the kick drum and the room ambiance. For Carlos' guitar, Garcia used a U 87 with a Sennheiser MD 421 for the amp." The MD 421 is one of the most popular Sennheiser dynamic microphones. A natural for guitar or drums, the MD 421's large diaphragm is capable of handling high sound pressure levels.

On "Supernatural," Santana and executive producer Clive Davis of J Records set out to collaborate with chart favorites such as Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas, who contributed vocals to the smash hit single "Smooth," as well as Lauryn Hill, Everlast and Dave Matthews. According to Garcia, "Shaman" repeats the formula and features the legendary guitarist combining forces with Top 40 artists such as Macy Gray, Seal, Dido, P.O.D., Chad Kroeger and Musiq. "Santana pretty much worked with a different producer for each song,"
comments Garcia. "We were at Fantasy Studios in San Francisco and he was
cutting three songs in each of the three studios with different producers."

More AES 2002 Moments...
Solid State Logic SL 9000 J Series SuperAnalogue supporters engineers Eddie Kramer and Rob Jacobs stopped by the SSL booth to view the new developments of the XL 9000 K Series console during the recent AES Convention.

l-r: Kramer & Jacobs at AES 2002
Photo: David Goggin

Avatar Studio wins TEC Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in the Category of Record Production / Album for Diana Krall's The Look of Love

L-R: Kirk Imamura (Avatar Studios), Paula Salvatore (Capitol Records Studio), Al Schmitt (Engineer extraordinaire), Jeff Minnich (Capitol Records Studio)

Recent sessions at Avatar include: Sheryl Crow producing and arranging upcoming single "Landslide" for the Dixie Chicks. Phil Ramone producing new Concord artist Peter Cincotti with engineers Eric Schilling, Frank Filipetti and Elliot Scheiner.
Nile Rogers producing Canadian artist Soul Decision; RCA's David Bendeth and engineer Ray Bardani 5.1 Surround playback of the newly mixed Elvis Presley tracks. RCA group Eve 6's debut with producer Gregg Wattenberg and engineers Chris Shaw and John Agniello. The winners of the American Idol-like series got to record with the likes of Nile Rogers, Will Lee, and Bashiri Johnson. The entire session was filmed for a behind-the-scenes television release.



Tom Dowd -- Legendary record producer (Eric Clapton, Ray Charles, the Allman Brothers, and Aretha Franklin) died October 27 at the age of 77.
Among the many hit singles Dowd worked on were Derek & the Dominos' "Layla," Franklin's "Respect," Bobby Darin's "Splish Splash," Ray Charles's "What I Say," and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird." Dowd worked at Atlantic Records for more than 20 years before becoming a sought-after independent producer in the mid-'60s. Other artists he worked with included the Drifters, Chicago, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, and jazz greats John Coltrane and Charles Mingus

Pioneer Dowd is credited with introducing the first eight-track recording machine into a major studio in 1957. Clapton described him as "the ideal recording man." Dowd was recently honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences (NARAS).

Lonnie Donegan (29th April 1931 - 3rd November 2002). The King of "Skiffle" died in England. Donegan born Anthony Donegan in Glasgow, later changed his name to Lonnie after the great bluesman Lonnie Johnson. He was the key figure in the Skiffle Craze that swept the UK during the 50's and is widely known to have inspired greats like John Lennon, Brian May, Van Morrison and Pete Townsend. Skiffle was basically a combination of American music dating back to the '20's blending acoustic, Folk, blues, country and western styles. Some of the foundations for today's Rock n' Roll.

Jam Master (January 21, 1965 - October 30, 2002) -- Legendary hip-hop DJ Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC was shot and killed in Queens near his studio - a second-floor loft on Merrick Boulevard. The D.J., whose real name was Jason Mizell, 37, was killed by an unidentified gunman. While speculation abounds as to the motive for the killing, a diverse group including bandmates Joseph "Run" Simmons and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Jay-Z, Aerosmith, Ashanti, Irv Gotti, rap entrepreneur Russell Simmons, and Island Def Jam CEO Lyor Cohen are pitching in to fund the education of Mizell's three kids, as well as a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his killer.

Run-DMC was the first rap act with videos on MTV and the first to have an album go platinum, "King of Rock." The next album, "Raising Hell," was released in 1986 and contained a remake of Aerosmith's heavy-metal anthem "Walk This Way," which was the first commercially successful blending of rap and rock."Jam Master Jay was a pioneer," Sean Combs, the rapper and entrepreneur, said in a statement. "He led the way for a whole new genre of talent."

Salute to a working class hero.

Dozens of troubled boys in Fla. are turning their lives around thanks to one devoted man who uses the power of music to give them strength and hope, Debbye Turner of CBS early show reports.

(CBS/Reggie Grant)

Imagine 145 young men from the inner city who love to sing classical music; they faithfully do their homework; and all of them plan to go to college. It sounds too good to be true? Well, you haven’t met "American Hero" Earle Lee.

"Eighty-five percent of the boys live without fathers in the homes," explains Lee. "So, there's a lot of pain there and that's why we have this Boys Choir of Tallahassee, for them to come to and make music and receive support and love and guidance and lots of discipline."

Any boy between eight and eighteen can join. No questions asked. "When they hear today is the first day of the rest of your life, you see a smile on their face and they want to achieve after that," says Lee. Read More...

Spread holiday cheer around the world while remembering children in need - order special cards here. Save The Children or Olive Crest


Safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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