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June 2002

Video Interviews of world renown producer/engineers/composers

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Joseph Magee from O'Henry Studios, Burbank

Look for more interviews in the coming months with Greg Ladanyi from Tidalwave, Micahel C. Ross from Royaltone and Tolbert/Sutton from Studio Atlantis

studioexpresso in alliance with the following affiliates is pleased to bring you these interviews. Big thanks to: Record Production & Babblefish

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Billboard charts
Top 100 Positions /Issue Date:June 22, 2002



Thanks heaven for Ocean...
where double Platinum album “Sinner” by Drowning Pool, Grammy Winning “Embrace the Chaos” by Ozomatli and Grammy nominated “Canto” by Los Super Seven were recorded.

Read more by taking an "express tour here" or call manager, Bob to visit the facility.

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Joseph Magee
-- engineer/mixer/producer
Fantasia 2000, Ali, Country Bears

Joseph Magee was at O' Henry Studios recently while recording and mixing the soundtrack for Touchstone/Disney's “The Country Bears,” with producer Glyn Johns and artist John Hiatt (watch the interview with Mel Lambert here).

Ken Allardyce
- engineer/mixer/producer
Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, Weezer

We visited Ken Allardyce at Mothership in LA. where ken is producing and recording the upcoming record for The Yardbirds. "I saw the band (original line-up including Eric Clapton) openning for the Beatles in UK when I was 13. To work with the band now, is indeed very special, a dream come true! The album will feature 1/2 new material and 1/2 classic with well-known guest artists," says Ken. Look for the 2003 release on Steve Vai's label, Favorednations

Chris Conway
-- Producer/Mixer/Songwriter
Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Lauren Hill

Conway who received a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year for Eminem’s “Marshall Mathers”/Interscope is represented by James Citkovic, President of Countdown Entertainment in US and most recently also represented by Big Life Management in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Check out the StudioExpresso online event calendar

Tue June 25 … AES Los Angeles Section meeting to address digital microphone technology

Last year, the AES Standards Committee approved the AES 42-2001 guidelines to help manufacturers develop digital microphones. This standard was officially published under the heading: "AES Standard for Acoustics - Digital Interface for Microphones."

The June 25th program will focus on the Neumann Solution-D, the first digital microphone to make use of these standards. Sennheiser's senior engineer, Juergen Wahl, as well as the company's west coast technical staff, will present excerpts from a technical paper describing the technology behind the Neumann Solution-D engineering and design and then discuss the microphone's unique benefits "During the last few months," noted Wahl, "we visited several leading studios and learned first hand about the growing excitement surrounding the Neumann-D's recording capabilities. With so many favorable comments from engineers, artists and producers, the L.A. AES section decided we should share this information with audio professionals at the June meeting.

Wahl will be joined by Ryan Robinson, technical support engineer at Warner Brother's Post Production facility who has devised unique tests to evaluate both the technical limits and music capabilities of various microphones. Ryan will apply these tests to the Neumann Solution-D microphone and share these insights with the attendees.

CONTACT: Kahne Krause or at 818-754-4753
Dinner: 7:00 p.m.
$15 with advance reservation by June 23, 2002or $20 at the door.
Meeting: 8:00 p.m.
meetings are free; non-members and students are welcome to attend.
The Sportsmen's Lodge, at Ventura Blvd. & Coldwater Canyon,
Studio City

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Studioexpresso would like to congratulate Michael C Ross of Los Angeles, CA. Michael won a $150 certificate courtesy of MavenAmp which he can redeem towards any purchase at Westwood Music (310-478-4251).



Special AES report from Deutschland by Mel Lambert

Pro Tools|HD

StageTec -- Unveiled the all-new Aurus "Direct-Access Console"
Studer's -- Vista 7 Digital Mixing System incorporates the Vistonics operating interface...
Solid State Logic -- wowed AES attendees with its new XL 9000 K-Series analog console

AMS-Neve -- spotlighted its new Logic MMC Digital Console
Digidesign -- attracting a great deal of attention with Pro Tools HD
Cube -tec -- unveiled AudioCube5-Dell530, with # of VPI mastering/restoration plug-ins
Fostex - is the first licensee of Digigram's EtherSound technology, which allows low-latency networks to be set up within a studio using conventional Cat-5/6 cabling, I/O cards and hubs

Telefunken analog tape machine displayed at AES Historical Presentation

Resolution -- new European pro-audio magazine from the folks that brought you "Studio Sound." Zenon Schoepe and Phil Bourne have launched and new title that will be published eight times a year.

Read more...the full AES Munich report here!

Mel Lambert has spearheaded Media&Marketing, a consultancy service for the professional audio, broadcast and multimedia industries for over a dozen years. In addition to providing public relations, marketing and consulting services for such companies as Amek, AMS-Neve, Aphex Systems, Ensoniq, Euphonix, Fairlight, Graham-Patten Systems, HHB, Martinsound, Meyer Sound, ADC-nVision, QSC, Record Plant Studios, Solid State Logic, Sony Cinema Products, Sunset Sound Studios and Symetrix, he has created a large number of freelance articles, profiles and reviews for such magazines as "Mix," "Radio World," POST," "Pro Audio Review," "Millimeter," "Audio Media," and "Studio Sound."For seven years he was Managing Editor and later Editor of "Recording Engineer-Producer," and most recently served as International Marketing Director with Otari Corporation.

FOR SALE..well-respected, trusted recording facility, Rumbo Recorders

In business since 1978, Rumbo Recorders was designed & built by Daryl Dragon, also known as the "Captain" of the Captain & Tennille. In its twenty + years of history, the studio has a prestigious position within the recording community and a repeat clientele (Smashing Pumkins, Ringo Starr, Rage Against the Machine...) of great artist, producers and engineers.

Rumbo is noted for its three great sounding rooms. The largest room studio A, suitable for a 30-40 piece orchestra, has 5 Isolation booths. Studio B, the mid size room with three Iso booths is the most popular for its drum sound and "vibe." Studio C is a great overdub room. Rumbo has a fourth room, currently leased monthly for writing and editing suitable for a Pro Tools studio. All three studios have their own lounge areas. There is parking in the front and rear with a half court basket ball court and patio in the rear.

The building is approximately 10,000 square feet, with significant amount of room to make any appropriate adjustments for specialized needs, or music focus.

Interested buyers may contact manager Vicky Smith who will be happy to disclose any financial information. Vicky can give you a personal tour or you may visit the Rumbo site to take a virtual tour of the studios (View QuickTime Panoramas).


MIX LA Open golf tourney held on June 10th at the Malibu Country Club drew many artist/musician, studio, producer/engineer and manufacturer participants. Some of the sponsors included AudioTechnica, The Village, DiscMarketing, Shure and Signet Sound, Royaltone, SSL, EMTEC, to name a few.

The silent auction and awards followed the scrumptious club lunch. Of course the players had plenty to eat/drink and tee!

L-R: Nancy Matter of Moonlight Mastering, Rutlege of EMTEC, Dave Rosen of World LinkDigital, MIX Editor in chief, Tom Kenny serving the thirsty guests & honarary chairman, producer/engineer, Ed Cherney entertaining his team at the 13th hole.

Recording Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing addresses Congress over Webcasting royalty debate

Letter Marks First Time Producers and Engineers are Heard as One Voice on Important Matter of Policy

On behalf of the Recording Academy®'s Producers & Engineers Wing's 5,000 members throughout the U.S., a letter was sent to the Subcommittee calling on Congress to focus on the role of producers in the creative process and to address the interests of producers in copyright-related legislation, including webcasting royalties. The letter was co-signed by some of the top producers in the music business, including Phil Ramone, Terry Date, Peter Asher, Ed Cherney, Don Gilmore, Bob Ezrin and Brendan O'Brien.

"Record producers have a direct financial interest in webcasting royalties and the way the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel [CARP] decision turns out," said Leslie Lewis, Director of the Producers & Engineers Wing. "So Congress needs to understand the creative contribution of producers and how they are compensated for their work, regardless of where or how that work is heard and/or distributed."

This past February, the CARP recommended to the U.S. Copyright Office that webcasters must pay $.0014 per song, per listener. Traditional radio stations that rebroadcast their signals over the Internet would pay half that rate, with non-commercial sites paying even less. The Librarian of Congress must make his final decision about whether to accept the CARP recommendations by May 21, 2002.

"This letter to the House is the first time producers are being heard as one voice on a matter of policy," said Phil Ramone, legendary producer and a co-signer of the letter.

In 2000, the Recording Academy established the Producers & Engineers Wing, a collection of more than 5,000 professional producers, engineers and technologists. The P&E Wing's mission is to provide an organized voice for the pro sound community, while ensuring its role in the development of new technologies, recording and mastering standards, as well as other critical issues affecting their craft, such as archiving and preservation. The P&E Wing also builds on the existing professional development activities of the Academy, which include workshops, forums, publications and advocacy.

Media Contact: Ron Roecker/The Recording Academy 310.392.3777
Read the entire press release here


BMG to Buy Control of Zomba Music; Napster goes buy buy

BMG, the music division of German media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG, has agreed to take control of Zomba Music Group, the record label that revived the teen pop genre with the likes of Britney Spears and 'N Sync.

The deal, which is estimated to be worth $3 billion, will end Zomba's status as the world's largest independent label. It will also provide a huge payday to Zomba founder, Clive Calder, who industry insiders credit with being out in front of some of the biggest trends, including teen pop, rap and Christian rock.

Spears and 'N Sync have proved to be worldwide phenomena; together they have sold more than 50 million records to date. Also, Calder signed Will Smith to his first major contract in the early 1980s. While some industry executives say that the teen pop genre led by Spears and others has peaked, it continues to produce revenue. "The artists are still popular and there are new ones," said Hilary B. Rosen, chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America. Rosen noted that global stars such as Spears are generating new profits through the sale of video games, television shows, clothing and other merchandise.

Calder is an extremely astute analyst of what will be the next musical trend," said Danny Goldberg, chief executive of Artemis Records. The deal's size shows that the music industry, despite sagging sales and Internet piracy, still generates significant revenue. Despite "the technical issues and the see-saw of sales, the recording industry is still really valuable," Goldberg said.

Music industry revenue declined 7 percent last year, a drop that some attribute to the growth of Internet technology that allows users around the world to trade copies of songs without paying, despite the shutdown of file-sharing giant Napster.

Last month, Bertelsmann announced that it had acquired Napster Inc., which once distributed the most popular music-sharing software. Bertelsmann, which had already invested $80 million in Napster, paid $8 million for the title to the company. Napster filed for bankruptcy protection after the deal was announced (Christopher Stern, Washington Post ).

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A Father's Day Tribute!

Singer/guitarist Bonnie Raitt did not begin to win the comparable commercial success due her until the release of the aptly titled 1989 blockbuster Nick of Time (Don Was/Ed Cherney production team); her tenth album, it rocketed her into the mainstream consciousness nearly two decades after she first committed her unique blend of blues, rock and R&B to vinyl.

Born in Burbank, California on November 8, 1949, she is the daughter of Broadway star John Raitt, best known for his starring performances in such smashes as Carousel and Pajama Game and Oklahoma! After picking up the guitar at the age of 12, Raitt felt an immediate affinity for the blues, and although she went off to attend Radcliffe in 1967, within two years she had dropped out to begin playing the Boston folk and blues club circuit. Signing with noted blues manager Dick Waterman, she was soon performing alongside the likes of idols including Howlin' Wolf, Sippie Wallace and Mississippi Fred McDowell, and in time earned such a strong reputation that she was signed to Warner Bros.

Bonnie Raitt has been making albums for more than 30 years. Throughout her career, Raitt remained a committed activist, playing hundreds of benefit concerts and working tirelessly on behalf of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation. For Silver Lining, her latest release on Capitol she produces with Mitchell Froom, and Tchad Blake (Los Lobos, Suzanne Vega and the Latin Playboys), the team who first collaborated on Raitt's 1998 record, Fundamental. The collection finds Raitt doing songs by people including David Gray (who had a huge hit last year with the song "Babylon"), Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick (who wrote Eric Clapton's "Change The World"), blues guitarist Roy Rogers, and African stars Oliver Mtukudzi (from Zimbabwe) and Habib Koite (from Mali), as well as tracks written by herself and by her keyboardist, Jon Cleary.

Ms Raitt recounted her fond childhood memories in a touching interview with her dad, John Raitt on NBC early this week. Here's to all the special dads out there -- Happy Fathers Day! To a Silver Lining!


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