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Niko Bolas
producer l engineer l mixer l writer

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History: Niko Bolas, meaning "Up Is Louder" in Greek, feeds his soul with two passions - making records and racing motorcycles. Bolas has been instrumental in creating a unique audio palette for artists ranging from Neil Young, Melissa Etheridge, and Keith Richards to Herb Alpert, Stan Getz, X, and Puff Daddy.

In the recent years Niko teamed up with Mark Bolas and took a journey into internet radio they called iM Networks. They also worked together on three dimensional sound design and development project dubbed Fakespace Music, which allows for a musically driven virtual reality experience.

Highlights from Niko's versatile discography include: Fionna Apple, James Taylor, Mary's Danish, Kevin Salem, Curtis Stigers, Toto, to name a few. He is best known for his work with Neil Young's exceptional Freedom and This Note's For You, as well as Warren Zevon's Sentimental Hygiene (a record that inspired the R.E.M./Zevon collaboration Hindu Love Gods, which Bolas also produced).

Bolas' trademark is his vocal production, which always comes across clearly and loudly on his records (see the Circle Jerks' Oddities, Abnormalties and Curiosities for auditory proof). For the complete discography of Niko's current work visit his web site at: http://www.neeks.com

Current Credits: Most recently Niko who is bi-coastal (Los Angeles/New York) worked with producer Eric Foster White (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys) and his artist Stephanie, a singer/songwriter. Niko is also working with producer John Wooler on Robin Ford's upcoming release on Concord Records. Niko recently completed work for Herbie Hancock's new cd with an all-star musician cast to include: John Mayer on guitars and Sting. He also recorded and mixed "Lightning in a Bottle" Antoine Fuqua directed DVD captures New York's Radio City Music Hall benefit concert by more than 50 artists spanning several generations from Indie.Arie and Bonnie Raitt to Natalie Cole and B.B. King. "Steve Jordan ( composer/arranger/drummer and musical director of the show) and I had to finish all the formats (cd, film, 5.1dvd) in one shot, and this recording ("Lightning in a Bottle") is the closest I will ever come to the royal family of music...," says Bolas.

Niko produced recorded and mixed indie band Blowgun and is currently in the studio with 3 minute Miracle, rockers from San Diego. "On Herbie Hancock's new release, Possibilities, I recorded John Mayer and Sting tracks live, as well as the few overdubs," says Niko Bolas who used Phase One Studios, in Toronto, and The Shed, in NYC. "Real easy session, just hit the red button the minute they walk in... The genius is in FRONT of the microphone, not what comes after...," says Bolas.

L-R: Niko Bolas, John Wooler, Robben Ford at Watersound


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