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Clark Germain
engineer l mixer l producer

History: Grammy winner and Emmy-nominated recording engineer/producer Clark Germain is credited with hundreds of professional albums to date. He has worked with such diverse artists as U2, Herbie Hancock, Poncho Sanchez, Counting Crows and Bonnie Raitt. His most recent collaborations include award-winning albums with Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, and David Benoit. German has been lauded for his precision and richness in acoustical recording, as well as his embrace and utilization of new technology, including 5.1 Surround Sound formats in DTS and DSD. He embodies a unique skill in recording live to 2-track, which has been deemed one of the most difficult yet exciting methods of capturing sound.

He is skilled in producing the highest professional quality mixes in analog and digital technologies in both the film and record industries. An Emmy nominee for Music Mixing at the 63rd Academy Awards and a Grammy nominee for Best Engineered Album at the 43rd Grammy Awards exemplifies his quality of work and professionalism.

In the world of film, his feature film scoring credits include mixing for composers Babyface, Alan Mencken/Howard Ashman, Marcus Miller, Wendy and Lisa, Michelle Columbier, Bill Conti, Nicholas Pike, Ry Cooder and T-Bone Burnett.

While his more recent body of work has been primarily in jazz, Germain's LA-based music roots were honed in the late 70's punk scene. Living and working with bands like the Germs, 45 Grave and X, he was the live sound engineer at the legendary Hong Kong Café.

His studio career was born at the famed Hollywood Sound, who saw seminal artists such as the Crusaders, the Commodores and the Jackson 5 pass through its doors. Looking to expand his musical influences he left to spend a 2-year stint in Italy working on dance records for release throughout Europe. Germain then returned to the US to Oceanway Recording where he worked with artists such as U2, Simply Red, XTC, Julio Iglesias and Lionel Richie. Since leaving Oceanway in 1985 he has traveled from his LA base to New York, Cuba, Spain and France recording and mixing for artists such as Brian Wilson, Days of the New, Fishbone, Susanna Hoffs and Eliades Ochoa.

Current Credits:
  In 2003 Germain founded TimbreFlux Studios, utilizing exclusively state-of-the-art equipment. Inspired by the current state of independent music, Germain created a record label, T-Flux Records, representing an eclectic mix of styles from alt rock bands to singer/songwriters to straight-ahead jazz genres. Clark Germain remains highly sought after for his unique expertise in acoustical recording as well as today's cutting edge digital multi-channel mixes. He recorded the Blue Note (NY) performances for Chic Corea's Rendezvous two-disk CD/SACD hybrid release with guest artists - George Benson, Bela Fleck, Wallace Rooney, Diana Reeves, Isaac Hayes, Paul Schaeffer, Sherry Allen, Chaka Khan, and Doug E. Fresh..."I had a conversation with Chick before starting this project," says Germain, "and he explained to me that, if possible, he wanted to have the piano on full stick. He also said that given the size constraints of the stage at the Blue Note and the fact that they would be filming the event, he didn't want to use any baffling between the instruments. Given these preconditions, I knew the microphones would play an extremely important part of the recording process." Germain engineered the entire new release from David Benoit Full Circle on Peak/Sony Records. David has gone back to his roots with nine original tracks and one remake. The CD features such notables as Rick Braun, Andy Suzuki, Paul Jackson, Jr., Tim Weisberg, Luis Conte and Alex Acuna.
"I mixed live to 2 track most of it," says Germain.

L-R: Chick Corea with his wife (right on picture) and Record Engineer Clark Germain (left on picture) at the Blue Note in New York right after having been confronted to the fresh recordings made on the first night kick off event featuring Bobby McFerrin. Listening to a playback The Team with producer Germain.

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