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studioexpresso goes on-line to provide the recording community a one-stop address to shop for available studio time, engineer/producer and related services.

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September 1, 2000 (Los Angeles, CA)— studioexpresso is the first on-line exchange to connect the professional recording sudios and clients. It facilitates the booking of studio-time and related services in a one-stop, convenient and easy to use web site. The service is initially available for studios in California and is free for all of its registered members worldwide. 

“The difference is service,” says Claris Sayadian-Dodge.  “We offer the recording community an easy tool to search and find available studio time and to refer to engineer/producer current production credits -- anytime of the day, any day of the week,” says the founder.

Finding an available room that meets your requirement is made easy.  If you’re an engineer or producer and are looking for an SSL 9000J or Neve VR console to recall a mix or need a tracking room with x number of Iso booths, search by console or session type to find available rooms.

To navigate with maximum efficiency, go to the site’s About/Demo to tour the site in four easy steps.

“Additionally, studioexpresso features the “Engineer/producer” pages, offering a helpful reference tool for artists, record companies, or project co-coordinators,” says Claris. Other services include “Spotlight”, “News” and “Links” pages, where the featured service provider may display special offers, news and announcements.

Studioexpreso saves members time and money by quickly locating available studio-time posted by growing number of California studios. Members are encouraged to bookmark the site and check it daily for special offers. To sell idle time or fill up rooms quickly, studios may choose to offer discount rates both for long-term and short-term bookings.  “Since book rates are posted, you can immediately see the saving,” says Claris.

The custom designed system meets the needs of recording professionals.  Claris is intimately familiar with both the production and the studio requirements.  She managed seven Ocean Way rooms for over a decade.

According to Claris, “a well-known studio’s occupancy rate can be as high as 85 to 90% whereas a lesser-known studio may run as low as 50%.”. This can easily translate to hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.  studioexpresso helps studios maximize incremental income frequently lost to late cancellations and schedule changes without contributing to overhead. Most studios would like to increase their occupancy rate and pick up a new client here and there.

Typically, high-profile studios get booked far in advance. “The perception is that you’re not available for last minute projects. Cancellations happen to studios of all sizes,” says Claris. Artist is not ready to perform, label is asking for new material, studio is double booked because the previous client used more time.  “Sure, studios have late cancellation policies to protect themselves.  For the most part you want to fill up those holes,” says Paula of Capitol Studios. 

The service is promoted exclusively within the music/film/post industries and has a familiar client list. “It’s all word of mouth. I’m very interested in user input and improving the system in order to offer our industry excellent service,” says Claris.

And it’s confidential.  Studios and members are pre-screened for quality facilities and bookings. The password gives members 24-hour access to log in and search for studios and related services.

The timing is right. The Internet is now a familiar and convenient way to book flights, shop for music, groceries and find homes. “Why not studios?” says Claris.   It’s quick and it saves many phone calls and follows up headaches.  “The net is a great tool to find information on just about anything your heart desires.  We even spotlight the best places in town for that great espresso,” says Sayadian-Dodge.

Founded in January of 2000, studioexpresso (www.studioexpresso.com) is the first on-line exchange that leverages the power of Internet to provide the recording community real-time information on available studio time and related services in a one stop, convenient and private environment.  The system is custom designed to satisfy the music industry’s recording needs such as, engineer/producer, studio spotlight, news, related links and more… The service is initially available for studios in California and is free for all of its registered members worldwide.