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October 1, 2002 (Los Angeles, CA) -- AlterMedia (AES booth 1255) developer of Studio Suite, the leading software for studio management and studioexpresso, artists' gateway to production services, announce a strategic partnership aimed at bringing greater value and convenience to their customers.

AlterMedia president Joel Stoner reports "Our new version 5 of Studio Suite has been incredibly successful around the world, and we've recently expanded with a new office in Los Angeles. Now we're looking at the idea of integrating our products & services with studioexpresso by creating various links between internal and external sales and scheduling of studio time, along with other promotional opportunities for our users."

Claris Sayadian-Dodge founder/president of studioexpresso, adds "Our services are quite complimentary. Having been a studio manager for over 20 years, I understand and appreciate the importance of having good management tools, which is what Joel's company offers through the Studio Suite management software. Additionally, studioexpresso offers sales and PR expertise which will enhance the total studio management package."

"studioexpresso can help our Studio Suite users by connecting them with artists and record labels in need of studios, producers, engineers, and other production services. Claris has an impressive database of industry contacts and knows every one of them personally. Ultimately studioexpresso is responding to an industry need for facilitating information, saving time and providing the artist with personal service. Plus the producer/engineer 'profiles' and 'studio spotlight' generate great press and new business for our customers," says Joel Stoner.

Founded in 1998, AlterMedia is the developer of Studio Suite (http://www.studiosuite.com), the world's choice studio management software. It helps streamline and simplify operations, from top to bottom. It handles scheduling, project management, invoicing, library and labels, equipment and media inventories, contacts, communications, maintenance, recalls, and so much more, all in one comprehensive software package that's customizable and networkable across Mac/PC/Linux platforms. The software is used by leading facilities in 38 countries worldwide.

studioexpresso (http://www.studioexpresso.com) is the artists' gateway to world-class production resources and talent in a one-stop, convenient and private environment. Personalized solutions are offered to simplify the task of quickly locating and booking production talent and studios to meet artist's creative, technical and budgetary requirements. A select network of top professionals come together to take the artist to the next level using years of recording industry knowledge and experience. Since its inception in 2000, studioexpresso has a growing community of 5000 music industry members worldwide.

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