Chaz Jankel
composer l arranger l musician

Film Scores

1978 "An Unsuitable Job For A Woman"
1979 "Making Mr Right"
1985 "War Party"
1986 "DOA"
1987 "Killing Dad"
"The Rachel Papers"
"Tales From The Darkside - The Movie" - "Cat From Hell"
1988 "Earth Girls Are Easy"
1990 "K2"


1972 Byzantium - (Seasons Changing, Byzantium)
1977 "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" - Ian Dury (cowrite keys and guitar) single
1978 "New Boots and Panties" (cowrite and arrange platinum selling album)
1979 "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" - (cowrite -number 1 arrangement keys and guitar) single
"What a Waste", "Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3 (cowrite arrange keys and guit)
1980 "Chaz Jankel" - album including "Ai No Corrida" (cowrite vocals, various Keys percussion and guitars.) solo album released thru A&M records.
1981 "Lord Upminster" - Ian Dury (includes Spasticus Autisticus cowrite vocals guitar & keys)1981
"The Dude" Quincy Jones (includes his version of "Ai No Corrida")
1982 "Questionnaire" (includes number 1 U.S club anthem "Glad to know you" , "Questionnaire" & "3,000000 Synths" Vocals, Keys and guitar) solo album released thru A&M Records
1983 "Chazablanca" (recorded at Compass Point, Bahamas) solo album released thru A&M records
1984 "Looking at you" (included French number 1 club hit "number1" keys and guitar) solo album released thru A&M records
1990 "Turbigo 12 12" - Marie laure Beraud {producer, keys and guitar}
1996 "Mr Lovepants" - Ian Dury & the Blockheads {cowrite vocals, keys and guitar)
Chaz and Ian Dury receive Classic Songwriters' award from Q magazine
2001 "Brand New Boots and Panties" - Various artists incl. Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Sinead O' Connor & Feeder ( Vocals, guitar and keys)
"Straight From The Desk" - Ian Dury and The Blockheads (live recording from 1978 - co-write, vocals, keys and guitar)
Out Of The Blue - Chaz Jankel (Piano and Harp)
2002 "Ten More Turnips from The Tip" - Ian Dury and The Blockheads (cowrite, vocals, keys and guitar) -
"Straight From The Desk 2" - The Blockheads (live recording from 2002 - cowrite, vocals, keys and guitar) - Album
2003 "Zoom" - Chaz Jankel (piano)

Chaz is currently performing with the Blockheads and with his accoustic Jazz Quartet (Dave Lewis - Tenor Sax, Dylan Howe Drums, Andy Crowdy - Bass, CJ - piano). For the latest dates please go to LIVE DATES.


A lot of Ian Dury fans will possibly associate Chaz's name with Ian's as he formed the Blockheads with Ian and and was co-writing and performing with him and the band for over 20 years. Since Ian passed on the Blockheads have been going through a period of transition as we adapt to the new scenario. Chaz embarked on OUT OF THE BLUE late 2000 primarily developing a couple of different themes. From then on it just -----evolved!

"One of the things I was certain about was that I wanted the music to be played by an acoustic quintet although finding the right combination of musicians took a while. On various occasions when I went to visit Ian Dury we would invariably end the day with a glass of something refreshing coupled with the music of say for example, Bill Evans, Jaki Byard, Art Blakey and Charlie Mingus not forgetting Patsy Kline and various heavy beats. Since then I've bought tons of jazz (I must slow down) and a fair number of romantic and modern classical cds from Mendelssohn to Scriabin. If I'm lucky some of that influence has infiltrated OUT OF THE BLUE. " --Chaz Jankel

Chaz Jankel - piano, Dave Lewis - tenor sax, Dave Heath - Flute trks 1& 8, Andy Crowdy - acoustic bass, Dylan Howe - drums.

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