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Welcome Independent Artists!

So, you are ready to create a master quality commercial recording for mass distribution. Welcome to
studioexpresso -- artists' gateway to production services where you can team up with a producer who offers you: Industry experience, relationships and artist development.

studioexpresso producers are trusted industry household names with Grammy awards and gold/platinum certified records. What you get is quality with the team behind many of the world's major artists (over 75% of our work). We will work with you to secure a producer of your choice or one who matches your production needs and goals.

When you work with us, we help manage your production budget and promote your music while making the process of creating music more enjoyable, always keeping your vision on the forefront.

What an artist usually offers to secure a producer?
1. Repertoire and/or talent: Your music (number of songs, instrumentation, existing formats, etc). You may submit up to 3 songs - email the completed submission form (You may need to download Acrobat software) to info
Important: please read our submission policy below before proceeding
2. Timeline: Delivery date
3. Recording Budget and Production Agreement: : We can help you put together a recording budget and a production agreement (if/when needed) once you settle on a producer and/or mixer/engineer.

Once the above information is secured, we schedule a pre-production session on your behalf, where you meet with the producer (on-line, phone or in-person) to discuss creative direction, repertoire, musicians, arrangements, etc.

We promise no one the proverbial "holy grail" or getting signed. However, most artists will benefit from the valuable introductions which happen organically when a producer has vested interest in your work. Also, we can promote your work when completed
in expresso10 -- the monthly ezine where the new releases are reviewed and reach over 20,000 industry subscribers.

So, take a moment to browse through over 100 producer profiles here and over 55 studios. We highly recommend that you let us begin the proper introductions until a mutual interest is established and guide you through the process of choosing the right producer for you.

Please read the following information before you send a demo.

1. Yes, we accept unsolicited demos.

2. You may send us your biography (keep it short - 2-3 paragraphs), recent photo (.jpg file), contact info (including email) with any demo package. Note: If you have a web site, EPK, make sure the address/link (ie: myspace, youtube) is listed.

3. We accept CD's but prefer MP3's.

4. YES, we do listen to every demo that we receive. However, since we get large quantities of submissions, it's simply impossible to get back to everyone.

5. For priority processing (3-day reply), enclose and mail $25 – cashier or traveler checks only.

6. Please limit your submission to your best 3 songs -- best of the best (singles ), hopefully showing your diversity and vision.

7. We do not, under any circumstances, return demos.

Session 2Go
You're not ready or don't need to have master recordings at this time, but want someone to review your songs, or help strategize a production plan that meets your needs?

Select producers offer pre-production S2G (via phone conference or email).
Fees begin at $150/hr (minimum 2 hour session) and S2G can be scheduled once payment is received. We can provide a secure paypal link, once we hear your interest info

A studioexpresso rep will contact you to go over your submitted material and discuss your production needs.

Note: If you’re posting a package internationally, please give your CD a low dollar value for US customs. Packages with customs charges owing will be refused.

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Thank you.