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Threshold Sound + Vision moved to it's new location, the former Scotti Brothers Records building in December 2006. Remodeling Studio A, the kitchen, and 2nd floor video department was recently completed. "The basic construction of the studio was very good as it was john Edwards design and Continental Studio Builders construction," says producer and director of engineering, Peter Barker.

Barker was previously Director of Engineering at Sony Music Studios Santa Monica, from 1993 until 2002. Barker also held staff positions at The Village Recorder, Artisan Sound Recorders and Kendun Recorders before his long run at Sony. "I started Threshold Sound + Vision with my partner Marc Schrobilgen in 02 and we haven't looked back."

Threshold Sound is a place where you can get many things done under one roof -- video editing, video finishing, music tracking, overdubs, mixing, music mastering in stereo or 5.1, and even vinyl cutting and tape restoration. "Our services are more diverse than most studio but the underlying theme is that are services are primarily geared to music content creators whether that content be audio, video, or a marriage of both," says Barker. The studio offers lead engineers, assistants, editors, or color correction experts as needed.

Recent gear additions include: SADIE on line in the mastering room, vinyl cutting services with a Neumann VMS66 Lathe, and installation of the classic Sony Music Neve 8078 in Studio A.



Session with Dustin Hoffman engineered by Peter Barker. Voice over work for an upcoming documentary about photographer Juluis Shulman.
L-R: Assistant engineer Scott Coslett, Peter A. Barker, Dustin Hoffman, and producer Eric Bricker.

The studio has hosted many artists and film projects just in the last six months, to include: Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell live from Radio City Music Hall: Video Editing, overdubs, pro tools editing, conform and sweetening, and video finishing. Heart, "Dreamboat Annie" classic albums live: 5.1 and stereo mixing. BB King Live: 5.1 and stereo mixing in studio A and mastering for DVD and CD. Country Concert special for Direct TV (Trace Adkins, Gretchen Wilson, Neal McCoy, Sawyer Brown): Mixing and conform/sweetening. Barry White Live from the Anaheim Pond: Video editing, pro tools editing, 5.1 mixing, conform/sweetening, video finishing. Chicas Project for NBC Universal Telemundo: Production, editing, sweetening, video finishing. Pearl Jam and REM: 5.1 mastering with engineer Joe Gastwirt. Bare Naked Ladies: 5.1 mastering

According to the producer studio business is driven more by managers and artist doing projects themselves and then monetizing the content they fully own. "Their is a lot more in house stuff going on at various companies and we are capitalizing on that by developing one artist Amy Kuney, and looking at the possibility of doing more," Barker has learned to educate the up and coming clients. "We will get artists bringing us projects to master and sometimes they are just not up to a standard that's master ready. We might suggest to them they try our production or mixing services to bring the project more up to a pro level. It's often a case of people don't know what they don't know. They spend a few hours here, you work up a mix for them and then run out to the car and put it in the stereo and then they get it," he adds

On the pro level, the producers we work with love it becasue they can get everything done right here. Instead of fighting traffic to go from the on line session to the mix session they just go down the hall. It's also great for our engineers because the communication about problems is immediate," says Barker.


Booking Contact: Peter Barker , Producer/Director of Engineering or Michele Blankenship

Threshold Sound + Vision
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