Sony Internet Mastering (SIM) Goes Live!

A groundbreaking new service primed to revolutionize the independent music community is introduced by Sony BMG dubbed Sony Internet Mastering or "SIM," and is now live at

With the debut of this new service, artists from anywhere in the world can have their music "mastered" by accomplished engineers at one of the top studio facilities in the world, for a fraction of the normal cost, and all with a click of a mouse . Users can upload up to four songs per "project," which allows for a fast turnaround time and affordable price structure, starting at $99 per track.


"We see this new service as a great way to extend the Studios' reach," commented Andy Kadison, Executive Vice President, Sony Music Studios. "New technologies have enabled us to make extremely high-end services available to musicians everywhere. At the same time, SIM gives us an opportunity to give up-and-coming musicians an initial introduction to what an extraordinary facility like Sony Music Studios can offer to the creative process."

"Mastering," for the uninitiated, is the process of finalizing a record for music label approval, radio airplay, and commercial release. A mastering professional adds depth and range to a recording, executes final edits, enhances the overall sound, and helps establish a cohesive identity for an artist's work.


"Having personally trained many of the younger engineers on our staff, I know that they can bring tremendous value to the projects submitted through SIM," commented Vlado Meller, Senior Mastering Engineer, Sony Music Studios. "I'm extremely excited about the debut of SIM services. It gives the team a chance to work with fresh talent, and provides a wide range of fascinating new challenges and opportunities to our engineers. At the same time it gives unsigned musicians access to the talented engineers here at the Studios they otherwise would never have access to - it's a win-win situation."

Unlike other Internet-based mastering services, SIM offers a comprehensive solution for any artist - major, independent, or novice -- providing them with access to state-of-the-art mastering equipment, and the experience, talent and artistry of the music industry's most respected and sought-after mastering talent.



A.J. Swearingen

"Just wanted to let you know that the track sounds incredible. I have used other mastering studios in the past but none of them could achieve this level of sound quality. Your mastering engineer knew exactly what my song needed and just made it sonically perfect! Thanks" - A.J. Swearingen

SIM can give any project a highly professional, studio-quality sound, and during the testing phase artists who use popular social networking sites for promotion, such as MySpace, PureVolume, and GarageBand, found the service to be extremely valuable.

Spoken movement

"The songs I put through the SIM system came back sounding like a major-label release. The Studio brought my mixes to life in a way that's impossible to achieve through home systems such as pro-tools or through ordinary internet mastering services," commented Andreao "Fanatic" Heard, Grammy Winning Record Producer/Recording Artist. "Now my company has all the tools necessary to compete with the majors."

About Sony Music Studios
Sony Music Studios is a state-of-the-art recording arts complex merging the highest level audio & television capabilities under one roof. With world-class creative talent, a strong and experienced management team and advanced recording and TV technology and techniques, the Studio has distinguished itself as a leading supplier of music and video entertainment The Studio comprises five floors designed for recording, mixing, mastering, audio preservation, HD-TV production, video and audio post, authoring, duplication and live events. The 55-room complex is a center where artists and producers can develop projects and exchange ideas, and serves as the Company's center for its archival work including the digital conversion of a library totaling over one million recordings spanning more than 100 years.

The complex features numerous digital on-line and off-line video editing suites, multiple mastering suites, six recording studios, and a ten thousand square foot soundstage, which is the largest and most technologically advanced HD production space in Manhattan. The entire facility has been wired to enable any combination of analog and digital routing; rooms can be cross linked to serve artists' creative needs.

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